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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Key Moments From Paris Fashion Week So Far

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Key Moments From Paris Fashion Week So Far

 Step inside the glamorous world of Paris Fashion Week as we unveil the most striking moments from this season’s runway shows that have taken place so far. From the classic ready to wear collections of Dior and Chloe to the amazing masterpieces of Balmain and Schiaparelli, we will dive into the exciting trends and jaw-dropping collections that have adorned the city. Celebrity guests such as Elizabeth Debicki and Alessandra Ambrosio have also joined the fashion week, giving even more excitement for this high couture spectacle. 

YSL – The Incorporation Of Sheer, Transparent Dresses And Tops

 Anthony Vaccarello’s latest show for Saint Laurent redefines the essence of fashion through the artistic use of transparency. Garments crafted from soft, sheer fabrics emphasise the body as the ultimate accessory, with close-fitting silk dresses and tops that resemble delicate undergarments. This contrast of modesty and nudity challenges conventional notions of allure. Transparency in this collection represents confidence and celebrates the feminine form as a work of art. The collection elegantly blends sensuality and sophistication, embracing Saint Laurent’s distinctive aesthetic with a modern twist. 


 This bold exploration of intimacy and transparency not only captivates the audience but also sets a precedent for the evolution of haute couture, cementing YSL’s position at the forefront of fashion innovation. 

Leopard Print’s At Dior

The presence of leopard print undoubtedly captured the spotlight at the Dior fashion show. From sleek trench coats to chic hats and statement bags, the runway was adorned with this timeless pattern, injecting a fierce yet sophisticated edge into the collection. 


Each outfit emitted boldness and confidence, with the classic print flawlessly incorporated into Dior’s typical elegance. The contrast of traditional designs with the bold appeal of leopard print created a captivating visual narrative, elevating the runway collection to new heights of luxury and style. 


Celebrity Appearances

The Dior fashion show featured a number of notable celebrity appearances. Amongst the renowned guests was actress Elizabeth Debicki, well known for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the famous Netflix series “The Crown,” graced the occasion with her elegant demeanour, reflecting the perfect example of regal sophistication. Also, singer Rosalia’s made an appearance as well as Caroline Trentini, a supermodel and house friend adding to the show’s extravagant environment. Their presence not only added to the excitement of the runway show, but also highlighted Dior’s lasting appeal in a variety of entertainment and cultural contexts. 


Grapes Take Centre Stage At Balmain

At the heart of the Balmain fashion show was the incorporation of grape designs adorning skirts, corsets, bodysuits, and dresses. This unexpected motif gave the collection a unique and stylish charm, offering a new take on classic designs. From beautifully designed corsets to flowing skirts and form-fitting bodysuits, each garment exemplified Olivier Rousteing’s amazing ability to combine innovation and timeless appeal. 


The incorporation of grape motifs throughout Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show is a subtle reference to France’s rich cultural heritage, best known for their wines and vineyards. By weaving grape motifs into skirts, corsets, bodysuits, and dresses, Balmain pays homage to this quintessential aspect of French culture, infusing the runway with a sense of national pride and heritage. 


Furthermore, the grapes’ link with luxury and refinement is consistent with the grace and grandeur that define Parisian fashion. Therefore, beyond the aesthetic appeal, the grape patterns serve as a reminder of France’s cultural richness and lasting influence within fashion. 


Elegance Reimagined: The Schiaparelli Ready-To-Wear Collection

In a masterful showcase at Paris Fashion Week, Schiaparelli unveiled its Ready-to-Wear collection, featuring a range of textures, bold silhouettes, and a blend of tradition and innovation. The collection was a tribute to luxury with a modern twist, featuring lush materials and a colour palette that ranged from pristine whites and rich browns and classic plaids. 


One could feel the luxurious vibe emanating from a full-length white coat, adorned with golden buttons, and paired with tan boots, capturing a winter fantasy of pure elegance. In contrast, a head-to-toe glossy brown outfit with a quilted texture and matching boots spoke to the brand’s penchant for making a statement with monochromatic sophistication. 


The collection also played with structure and volume, as seen in a black coat with an exaggerated collar and gold buttons, juxtaposed with a striking striped pattern that added a graphic edge. Plaid made a distinguished appearance, crafted into a timeless double-breasted coat, invoking a sense of heritage yet felt thoroughly contemporary with its tailored fit and accessorized with a touch of gold. 


Schiaparelli’s Ready-to-Wear collection at Paris Fashion Week was a testament to the brand’s vision of modern-day couture, where each piece told a story of luxury and avant-garde design, all while maintaining wearable artistry. The vibe was one of understated drama, where every detail was a whisper of fashion’s future rooted in the richness of its past. 

Soft Detailed Draped Dresses At Cecilie Bahnsen

The Cecilie Bahnsen fashion show was a stunning event, with soft, intricate draped dresses that floated down the catwalk with ethereal grace. These outfits were a highlight of the show, encapsulating the essence of Bahnsen’s signature designs, which combines femininity with sculptural precision. 


The dresses were made of delicate fabrics and had intricate flower patterns, as well as frills and ties, giving the collection a touch of whimsy and romance. The soft flow of the fabrics contrasted perfectly with the structural bows on the shoulders, resulting in a balance of form and fluidity. 


The colour palette was subdued, allowing the textures and layers to take centre stage, while the incorporation of sheer elements played with the notions of reveal and conceal. This design choice was a key moment within the show, showcasing Bahnsen’s talent for crafting garments that are at once timeless and modern, with a sense of quiet luxury that resonates with the viewer. 


The collection stood out as a celebration of softness and strength, with each dress embodying a serene confidence. It was a key moment that left a lasting impression, highlighting the brand’s unique aesthetic and mastery of detail. 

Cowboy Aesthetic At Chloé

At the Chloé fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, a distinct cowboy aesthetic was woven throughout the collection, serving as a key moment of thematic expression. This Western motif was captured through the use of fringe, leather, and relaxed yet structured silhouettes. 


Another outfit showcased a more direct Western influence with a fringed leather jacket, cinched at the waist with a large belt, paired with a short skirt. The combination of the leather’s texture and the fringe’s dynamism channelled the energy of the Wild West while retaining a sense of contemporary fashion sensibility. 


The inclusion of wide-brimmed hats and tailored coats with fur accents further embraced the cowboy theme, while lace and patterned fabrics introduced a delicate counterpoint, suggesting the merging of frontier ruggedness with feminine grace. This thematic choice was not only a nod to the past but also a statement on the versatility and appeal of cowboy-inspired attire in contemporary women’s fashion. 


Shaded Sophistication: The Diverse Sunglasses Of Casa Blanca

The Casa Blanca show at Paris Fashion Week showcased a stunning array of sunglasses, each exuding its own unique charm and character. From oversized aviators to sleek thinner frames, the collection represented a wide spectrum of designs, signifying a celebration of individualism and personal expression. 


The bright and inventive designs were a standout moment in the show, displaying Casa Blanca’s dedication to pushing the limits of conventional fashion. Casa Blanca’s runway show featured an eclectic mix of sunglasses, which not only improved the overall aesthetic but also highlighted the transformational power of accessories in defining a look. Whether retro-inspired or cutting-edge, each pair of sunglasses exuded refinement and flair, creating a powerful statement on the runway and beyond.


Vibrant Elegance: Exploring Rabanne’s Spirited Collection At Paris Fashion Week

The Rabanne collection radiated a joyful energy, effortlessly combining fabrics, designs, and eras. one of the outfits was a sequinned tank top teamed with an asymmetrical skirt adorned with vibrant designs, finished with star-patterned tights and boots, creating a dynamic contrast of elegance and edginess. 


Moving into a more bohemian realm, another outfit featured a patchwork of patterns, with a draped, poncho-like top flowing over a contrasting print skirt, conveying a sense of carefree elegance. The use of earthy tones and flexible materials gave a sense of nostalgia combined with contemporary flair. 

The collection also explored a modern interpretation of florals, as seen in a sleek black ensemble layered on top of a vivid flowery dress. The translucent, textured turtleneck worn under a sleeveless dress created a subtle layering effect that played with silhouette and form. 


Overall, the Rabanne collection at Paris Fashion Week appealed to a confident, vibrant lady who values a dynamic wardrobe that is as daring and adventurous as it is fashionable. It was a celebration of originality and the art of combining pieces that might not normally go together, resulting in a fresh and unique collection. 

Isabel Marant’s Western-Inspired Elegance

Isabel Marant’s latest collection at Paris Fashion Week was a celebration of rugged elegance, channelling a Western-inspired aesthetic that felt both fresh and familiar. The garments were a rich tapestry of texture and earthy tones, with fringe details, suede, and snakeskin prints taking centre stage. 


Each piece told a story of strength and femininity, such as a suede fringed jacket over a bold snakeskin print, cinched at the waist with a leather belt to create a silhouette that was both powerful and polished. The use of layering was prominent, with oversized ponchos draped effortlessly overflowing dresses. Leather and suede were complemented by softer textures, adding a touch of Parisian chic to the Western narrative. The footwear, slouchy and buckled boots, grounded the looks with a sense of practicality and adventure. 


Through this collection, Isabel Marant paid tribute to the free-spirited independence of the cowgirl while maintaining the brand’s signature sophistication, crafting a narrative that spoke to the contemporary woman’s desire for fashion that is both daring and wearable. The vibe was one of an adventurous spirit meeting modern luxury, a key moment that captured the essence of the designer’s vision for the season. 

Futuristic Minimalism: Courrèges’ Pocketed Precision

At the Courrèges show during Paris Fashion Week, the collection was a nod to the future of fashion with its stark minimalism and clean lines. The clothing exuded a vibe of futuristic chic, underscored by a palette of neutral tones and stark black, embodying the brand’s reputation for pioneering space-age attire. 


A key moment in the show was the introduction of a middle front pocket on a sleek, beige sheath dress. This functional element was a standout detail that harmonized with the collection’s practical aesthetic. It wasn’t just a pocket; it was a statement about the integration of utility into high fashion. The models were also accessorised in streamlined sunglasses, the simplicity of the designs was elevated by this feature, which added both visual interest and practicality. 


The Courrèges collection presented a vision of the future where functionality meets style. The middle front pocket stood as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, making it a key moment that encapsulated the essence of the show. 


Written By Gabriella Neocleous


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