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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team June Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

June Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

With summer well underway we are kicking off june  with our Horoscope readings from the wonderful Joanne Hope, as we prepare to reunite our inner hot girl for the warm weather months ahead.


Get ready Aries you are on your way to being happier and brighter in everything you do. Talk about the Midas touch, this month you are going for gold and will end up with a pot of it by the time you are finished, so be brave, and be adventurous, as both come naturally to the courageous Aries, you can really benefit from this months energies. Love will be knocking on your door so open it, let them in and you can bask in the sunshine of that special someone’s advances, but don’t forget to call them back, as playing it safe is not your style, give it your all, and see how your love life will flourish. Domestic harmony is bliss with an established partnership, take a much needed break together.  

Lucky Colour White
Lucky Crystal Clear Quartz


June is a wonderful month full of surprises, and uplifting your spirit, so counting your blessings will be high on the priority list. Beauty and love are your specialty being ruled by Venus, so bring on the bling empire you are creating, and as you share it with others, your blessings will increase. The Queen of England is a Taurus, and as we celebrate the queens jubilee, with 70 years on the throne, you can certainly take a leaf out of her book, as she never gives up, never gives in. Love can truly be yours as you see the good in a partner and the special relationship you both have, you bring out the best in a partner, and there is a soulmate connection. For the single Taurean there is someone coming into your life that is longing for a love like yours. Enjoy this special month and celebrate the winner in you that gives 100% every time in all situations. 

Lucky Colour Blue
Lucky Crystal Blue Agate


Being an excellent communicator is a Gemini trait, you can use the gift of the gab to make a lot of progress this month, your career is progressing, putting you on the top of everyone’s agenda. The summer solstice happens this month and brings on a summer of love for the romantic Gemini. Let out to play your inner diva and have fun with it, your creative pursuits will pay off and could generate unexpected opportunities to expand your income. Your love life becomes uncomplicated and enables you to choose exactly what you want from a relationship. Being the centre of attention in your partners eyes makes you happy in love, and within the boundaries of an exclusive partnership, you feel comfortable and happy. 

Lucky Colour Purple
Lucky Crystal Lepidolite


Cancer season is starting, bringing expansion in your career with it, undeniably you are made for greatness, and destiny reminds you of this as she play’s her hand this month, creating the right circumstances for you to flourish and allowing you to continue onwards with a career path that will give you what you need to succeed, just have faith by your side, as your guiding light. Owning love is your challenge this month, follow your feelings and let your heart speak to you, June is full of promises for love, all you need is the courage to be in the moment and see where that love takes you, realise you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as exciting times lay ahead, and make sure your passport is up to date!.

Lucky Colour Silver
Lucky Crystal Moonstone


Duty, dedication and passionate pursuits puts you on a path of distinction this month. Work on your routine and make time for fun.  The summer solstice is what all Leo’s wait for, it means summertime is here and as Leo is ruled by the sun it is a welcome sign. Royalty is also associated to your sign, so as the Queens 70th jubilee is celebrated this month, you can also wear your crown and sit on your throne with pride, and like her, know you have stayed the course no matter how difficult the journey has been and are admired for your strength. Open your heart and let the summertime of love in, no hiding indoors, it’s time to be out and about, meeting people that connect you to your destiny, it’s amazing who is waiting for you, you are a believer in love so go for it Leo, love is waiting. 

Lucky Colour Red
Lucky Crystal Red Carnelian


Success is on the horizon, keep going and just keep doing what you are doing, the way you are doing it, as opportunities will just drop in your lap, you will see that all along some things are just meant to be. Universal love is going to be a theme in your life as you expand your mind and follow your heart. Your guardian Angel is watching over you as the summer solstice brings a new love into your life and it doesn’t have to be a human!. You have a mission in life and are very proud of your achievements, as the Queen celebrates her 70th Jubilee, so you can also celebrate, you have turned a corner and will continue to grow as a person, you are strong and straight to the point, fussy and a perfectionist, can really set the world to rights and would be a fantastic political influence, big dreams can come true, make it happen Virgo!.

Lucky Colour Pale Yellow
Lucky Crystal Amber


Your hard work will win you praise, you are a social energy with a heart of gold, others will recognise your charismatic traits, continue to be magical and smart, you can bring a lot to the table this way. June is a turning point for you, the regal aspects of your higher self are commanding a better way of life and you are a creating that life in the here and now. Carry on with your plans and you will discover a wonderful way to connect with people and places that bring you so much closer to your destiny, keep loving life and the rest will follow. Influenced by a heart connection you will receive some gestures that help bring you closer to someone you like, be honest about how you feel and all will go well. In a relationship you are the light, so be a light and shine your love brightly, domestically, life can be a dream. 

Lucky Colour White
Lucky Crystal White Diamond


Lucky Scorpio this is your time, you have worked so hard, and can now relax a bit and look forward to the future. Your life is changing for the better and you benefit from a much improved, nurtured, way of life. You may assist in charity or humanitarian causes, as naturally you have a gifted compassionate approach as well as an intuitive knack of tuning in to peoples needs, this opens your heart and keeps you in touch with your mission in life, helping others always comes hand in hand with a compassionate heart. Your love life will be happy and stimulating, keeping love alive with lots of activities, shared with your partner. If you are single be on the look out for that someone special, especially in out door events. 

Lucky Colour Black
Lucky Crystal Black Onyx


See the magic in your life and be like a bird that spreads their wings and fly’s, this month you may be jet setting off into the sunshine for a well needed holiday, or for those romantically minded a wedding abroad seems to have a significant impact on your life. The fire in your soul is searching for the perfect one to love, you can find them if you stay true to yourself and just don’t settle for anything else. A bright future is ahead for you and so it’s up to you to make up all the rules now, leadership is something you are good at and it will make life easier if you stay in charge. Your career can be challenging, but very rewarding, if you want to expand your experience and knowledge don’t be afraid to push the boat out a little further to see what you are truly made of, you can surpass yourself with a positive mindset. 

Lucky Colour Orange
Lucky Crystal Tigers eye


It’s the return of good fortune in your life, coincidences happen to you that even you couldn’t predict, no more all work no play, it’s a time for more fun and enjoyment in life. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in your case Capricorn, it’s a smile a day. That said, celebrate the queens 70th jubilee, celebrate the good things in your life, and connect with your nearest and dearest to have planned trips or outings that nourish your soul, celebrate it all, it’s not always about work, bills and bank balances!. Loving kindness will attract your mate so if you are single it’s definitely time to open the door to let love in. An unusual twist of fate helps you to decide what you really want out of a partnership, expect to be surprised by an outburst of affectionate feelings from someone you adore, summertime turns out to be a summer of love for you. 

Lucky Colour Gold
Lucky Crystal Fools Gold


June is bringing you all kinds of people that will play an important role in your life. Karma is giving you good fortune to play with, you can take some chances in your career and so if you believe, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Your natural self is being shaped and is transforming so expect self growth that will help you to see things differently and give you the ability to try things you wouldn’t have thought of before, the possibilities are endless. Sport and the outdoors will appeal to you now, embracing the summer, feeling good, and looking good. Be ready to have life changing events that turn the tide in your favour, trips abroad, work changes, all designed to bring out the best in you. 

Lucky Colour Azure Blue
Lucky Crystal Emerald


Romance is high on the priority list this month, giving you all the right signs for love,  it is time to share your life with a partner, just knowing you can begin a journey that is full of experiences that will bring you joy, unions and marriage-goals will be very high on the agenda. The time is right now, the summer solstice shines light on your career path, your fruitful endeavours are coming to the attention of important people that will reward you in ways you may not have considered. Look after team players as they will look after you even if you are the boss!! The future brings hope and can fulfil your aspirations, so believe in yourself and you can do anything, yes absolutely anything!.

Lucky Colour Pink
Lucky Crystal Pink Opal

Horoscopes by Joanna Hope

Graphics by Gerasim Kutsarov


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