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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Hands Down This is The Hair Inspo You Need for Festival Season!

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Hands Down This is The Hair Inspo You Need for Festival Season!

In all the hassle of doing our makeup and choosing our outfits for festival season, we often look past everything else, but the key to a perfect, cohesive outfit is a killer hairstyle. So if that’s where you feel like you’re lacking, then you might wanna keep reading. 

Oil Spill Hair

If your whole vibe is urban and grunge, you may wanna try this one out. It’ll go really well with an industrial-inspired look, perfect for Wireless or Parklife. This unique look will top off any dark, edgy outfit and give you an ethereal glow. The effect is created by blending different cool colours like blues purples and greens to create this one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

@mikaimikai stood out from the crowd by creating the oil spill effect on a few strands of hair – keeping it classy, while still adding a bit of an edge to the look. 


Star Stencils

Sometimes pouring a bunch of glitter in your hair, just to spend 3 hours taking it out the next day just isn’t worth it. But this look will dazzle up your outfit without all that hassle. Using a couple of star stencils you can create several designs on your hair to spice up the look a little bit.

@karlaqleon created this grungy wig perfect for any punky 2000s-inspired outfit. 


Warm Colour Blocks

From dip dye to balayage, there are so many ways to dye your hair, but we think it’s about time we took it to the next level. Creative hair colouring is the new big thing – using a well-chosen blend of colours to create designs in your hair could be just the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. 

@extrasilky shared this creative style on Instagram which had us rushing off to buy some hair dye. 


Dip Dye Layers

For any girlies with layered hair, this look will bring your whole vibe to life. Regular dip dyes look great for straight flat hair, but we all know dealing with layers is a whole other story. Layered dip dyes are the perfect solution.

@elevatehair shared this stunning silver and navy look on Instagram.


 Asymmetrical Dye

We all do whatever we can to make sure our hair is as even as possible, but how about doing the exact opposite? Asymmetrical dyes have become a huge trend recently and it’s the perfect look for festival season. Step one, choose two of your absolute fave colours, step two, go to town.

@modernsalon created this stunning peach and icy blue look. 


Words by Ayushi Nathwani

Header Image by @rachellitahair


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