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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Five Clarins Products You’ve Let Slip Under Your Radar

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Five Clarins Products You’ve Let Slip Under Your Radar

Photo Credit: Clarins Wesbite

Having a capsule collection of products that are curated just for you is what skincare dreams are made of. Extensive nine-step skincare routines and endless amounts of products are decreasing in popularity as we see a boost in skincare taking a much more minimalist-inspired direction. A great skincare routine is simply using an appropriate amount of products that deliver all the ingredients your skin needs. Clarins ‘Plant & Science’ approach to skincare delivers the perfect balance of having a more simple skincare system that has been tweaked and perfected at Clarins’ France-based labs. Create your own skin spa at home with these five Clarins products you never knew you needed.

  1. My Clarins Re-Move Radiance Exfoliating Powder

Enough is enough, it’s time to ditch those abrasive and aggressive physical exfoliants. Smudging harsh gravel-like goop around your skin is ultra-harsh and can cause more issues than solutions. An exfoliating powder uses the wonder of *chemicals* to gently remove dead and unwanted skin cells and detoxifies the skin’s surface. This miracle powder leaves the skin clean, bright and glowing, but most importantly your skin is left soothed and supple. The removal of pollution and dead skin creates a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare products to absorb into.

2. Velvet Cleansing Milk

Cleansing can be one of the most damaging parts to any skincare routine. Many foaming cleansers can be loaded with harsh & stripping ingredients that can leave skin parched and sensitive. A cleansing milk allows you to cleanse you skin deeply while ensuring the skin barrier is protected and the skin is left plump. This dreamy cleansing lotion has a creamy consistency that protects and nourishes the skin while unmoving unwanted makeup, SPF and impurities.

3. My Clarins Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask

Constantly fighting to achieve that well-rested, fresh-faced look that only comes from a perfect night’s sleep? We’ve got you covered. This sleep mask is rich and luxurious, but leaves your skin fresh and rejuvenated without feeling weighed down. Applying a night-treatment is never a bad idea; use your downtime to strengthen your skin. Apply a generous layer of cream—a couple of hours before bed to avoid your pillow absorbing your precious product—all over your face and simply, rest.

4. Beauty Flash Balm

Think of this product as a filter for your skin. This illuminating cream coats your skin in a deliciously-dewy & lightweight film. The cult classic works well on all skin tones and skin types, leaving your skin effortlessly flawless. Use this balm in the morning or as a little pick-me-up for tired skin throughout the day to regain a youthful glow.

5. UV PLUS Anti-Pollution SPF 50

Are you protecting your skin from sun damage, city pollution and free radicals? UV protection is an absolute essential when trying to maintain healthy vibrant skin. SPF is almost like the guarantee that your other products are going to work to the best of their ability by creating a safe & healthy skin environment. No skincare routine is complete without an SPF.

Words by Luke Nolan, Graphics by Millie Pollok


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