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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team February Horoscopes With Joanne Hopes

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

February Horoscopes With Joanne Hopes

Joanne Hope brings this month’s horoscopes, showing us what we have ahead of us in the upcoming month with some nail inspirations for your Autumn/Winter looks.

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February is the time to re-evaluate and consider possibilities that give you the opportunity to shine. This month you can work, rest, and play, the best is yet to come and all you have to do is connect with others that can enhance what you are already doing with your work, and career. In love, it’s simple really Aries, choose love and who loves you, the benefits of not being in a difficult relationship will be immensely powerful and give you the freedom in your heart to truly live the life you’ve dreamt of, Valentines Day will be memorable! Wear blue for luck and a lapis lazuli crystal for friendship and truth, wisdom and courage.

Lucky Colour – Blue

Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli 



Although the winter months are nearly over Taurus, don’t be afraid to hibernate when you get a little time to yourself as it’s important to recharge your batteries so that you can move forward into the spring and summer with a lot of optimism and have the energy to fulfil all the plans you are making. In love it is important to express your emotions and Valentine’s Day is as good as any day to do it, affection will get you everywhere and the more you open up and communicate the better. Wear green for luck and an agate crystal will bring balance and harmony to your life.

Lucky Colour  – Green 

Lucky Crystal –  Agate



Gemini, it’s the right time to be up and doing, working towards your goals and planning ahead can bring a lot of success this month. The abilities you are developing will prove to be very lucrative this year, don’t doubt yourself and look forward to the future with hope in your heart. February brings you a soulmate and as Valentine’s Day is looming it’s possible your admirer reveals their true feelings on or around that date! Be yourself and enjoy the humorous side of yourself and others as you have a wonderful way of looking at even the most difficult situations and making it better, we all need to have a positive Gemini in our lives! Wearing yellow for luck and an angelite crystal will bring great awareness, understanding and compassion.

Lucky Colour –  Yellow

Lucky Crystal  – Angelite



It’s time to leave the emotions of the past behind you and meditate on all that you are now. The caring nature you have will always be there Cancer, but ‘business is business’ as they say, others will give you the green light to go ahead with your plans now so you can look forward to a lot of success and prosperity. Your talent exceeds any others and it is important to note that your way of doing things can only succeed and bring you closer to all that you wished and worked for. If you are single, Valentine’s Day is interesting to say the least, you are more admired than you think! Wear white for luck and also a green jade crystal will balance your emotions, bringing luck and friendship, it will also help you become what you are meant to be.

Lucky Colour – White

Lucky Crystal – Green Jade



An important relationship can thrive as commitment holds no fear to the greatest brave heart of the zodiac, Leo. A lot of love is needed to keep you happy and don’t be afraid to say so, a partner can help you to achieve your long term goals in love, but the communication has to be open and honest, that way you will know you are with the right one. Look forward to Valentine’s Day if you are single, as there is magic in the air! Love and attraction are all around you. In your work and career goals, anything is possible. February is about planning ahead and making sure you take action, one step at a time and a steady pace is helpful. As you then emerge into the springtime everything will start to blossom and bloom. Wearing red for luck and also a fluorite crystal will bring focus, advancement of the mind and protection.

Lucky Colour  – Red

Lucky Crystal – Fluorite



You may have a burning desire for change but February is all about preparing those changes and crafting the way ahead. Virgo, you are selective and have a good eye for details, be flamboyant and craft a path that is exciting and creative, be a trailblazer for positive change and know you have the ability to finish what you’ve started with great success. In love you can allow a relationship to thrive by putting the time in and letting the one you love know just how much you care. St Valentine will shine on your efforts so why not bask in love’s young dream, your world will become brighter and more romantic as you seek and find what you are looking for in your love life. Wear orange for luck and a carnelian crystal for creativity and a zest for life, enhancing passion and desire.     

Lucky Colour  – Orange

Lucky Crystal – Carnelian



Libra, you can get ahead now by thinking ahead, savings, plans and projects will all benefit from a little more time on the details, planning and organising your life into a well oiled machine is just what the doctor ordered. Balance is the keyword for your love life as you take control of your emotions and look for a secure love more and more. February brings in St Valentine and with your style and finesse, you attract admirers that can surprise you, so go on that dinner date! This is not the time to make big decisions and for those in relationships, you can benefit from a little understanding and patience with your other half. Wearing black for luck and a tourmaline crystal will promote happiness, give inspiration and build self confidence.

Lucky Colour – Black

Lucky Crystal – Tourmaline 



Live your life to the full Scorpio the future is yours for the taking, and with a little patience you can achieve a lot this month. The year of the dragon is here and this magical influence will certainly help fill up your coffers, dragons always guard their treasures well! When you set out to obtain your goals, your daily efforts and hard work will build up to a phenomenal amount, and with some good luck on your side the situations that arise from this will support all your plans, remember you can do anything you put your mind to, you have a beautiful, clever mind. Being in love is the best feeling in the world, expressing your feelings is also a beautiful thing, seeing the happiness you bring to your life and the life of another. Let your hair down, St Valentine’s magic is in the air! Wearing silver for luck and a blue lace agate crystal will expand your consciousness and stimulate intuition and will also encourage a positive attitude.  

Lucky Colour  – Silver

Lucky Crystal – Blue Lace Agate



Travel and communication will be highlighted this month and your romantic inclinations can take you to a paradise place with someone you love. Wishing for a better understanding of the future you will find what you are looking for, true love is hard to find but when you believe you have the right person and you believe in love, it is much easier. Ask St Valentine for a wish to come true. In your working world you can take the lead and be confident, you have a great track record to rely on, putting your best foot forward and acting energetically Sagittarius is definitely the right approach. Wear gold for luck and a clear calcite crystal for aiding spiritual development and will bring you joy in your everyday life.

Lucky Colour – Gold

Lucky Crystal – Clear Calcite



The winter is nearly over Capricorn, and like a dragon sleeping in its cave you can still relax and meditate, all the right answers can come from within you like magic, you are an old soul and the wisdom you possess is like your treasure. You will emerge in the springtime, when the time is right putting all of those marvellous thoughts and works into practice, be patient and watch for the right time to do things, this brings you satisfaction and success. St. Valentine makes you lucky in love, appreciate the time spent in togetherness and love. Wear pearl white for luck and a celestite crystal for positive and uplifting energy.

Lucky Colour – Pearl White 

Lucky Crystal – Celestite



Happy birthday Aquarius, make the most of this month of February, you can set a lot of future goals just by concentrating and understanding you can do anything, and that really is anything, you put your mind to. Open your heart to possibilities that will strengthen your position and bring rewards that are even beyond your imagination. You may dream of travelling and seeing the world, looking into these adventures can be exciting and planning for them will bring you one step closer to your dreams. Love is a wonderful thing, whether you are moving in together or making more of a commitment and have any fears about that, call on St.Valentine the guru of love and he will make sure your relationship is blessed with true love. The law of attraction is working in your favour so wear teal for luck and a chevron amethyst crystal to balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

Lucky Colour – Teal 

Lucky Crystal – Chevron Amethyst



Pisces you are the dreamer of the zodiac and February can make your dreams come true, romance can blossom and as usual your heart will always have the last say, logic will have no voice in your love life. When you give your heart, you give your all, and you will be loved for that very reason. Valentine’s Day can be very special. Work will go very well, as you have prepared a lot in advance and are ahead of time, stay focused and remember you have what it takes, so there is no need to second guess yourself, make triumph and success your goal, you know what you are doing, be confident and wear sea green for luck and a golden healer crystal for divine wisdom and spiritual growth.

Lucky Colour – Sea Green 

Lucky Crystal – Golden Healer

Words By Joanne Hope


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