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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Far From Quiet: These Are Today’s Bold Innovators In The Fashion Landscape

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Far From Quiet: These Are Today’s Bold Innovators In The Fashion Landscape

After embracing the logomania trend, the world awoke to a new obsession: the Quiet Luxury trend. This novel, understated approach to luxury emphasizes quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity without relying on overt displays of logos, branding, or flashy elements. The trend celebrates brands such as Hermès, The Row, and Loro Piana for their subtle and refined design ethos.

As social media yearns for the aesthetics of Quiet Luxury and as celebrities, influenced by the emerging it-girl status of Nicole Richie-Grainge, adapt to this sudden shift, certain brands have remained loyal to their flashy, bold, and statement-making pieces. With a subversive and innovative nature, these brands are renowned trailblazers and unconventional. 

Nothing quiet to see here, the following brands stand out loudly, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry due to their daring and avant-garde styles.

Marine Serre

In the realm of contemporary fashion, one designer stands out for her audacious, game-changing approach to aesthetics: Marine Serre. With a vision that seamlessly blends the radical and the disruptive, Serre’s designs encapsulate a fusion of feminine sensibilities, hybrid identities, and cultural inspirations. Blending vividly colourful patterned tapestries, jacquards, and brocades into patchwork outfits, her brand is synonym with revolutionary.

The distinctive Crescent logo, founding leggings, balaclavas, tops, and stockings, is part of the mix and match of colours, textures, and prints that define the brand’s visual language and create a striking visual impact. Each design exudes a spirit of rebellion, imagination, and creativity, contrasting with the minimalist nature of Quiet luxury. 

Rick Owens

 Rick Owens is enigmatic, visionary, and edgy. He defies the stablished with grunge clothing, and an aesthetics that is both daring and glamorous. His design ethos, fuelled by unbridled imagination and unwavering innovation, pulsates with the raw energy of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. At the heart of his creations an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. From his signature platform black leather boots, to sequins, embellishments, and big proportions, his unique vision resonates with his rebellious spirit. 

Rick Owens emerges as a disrupt or/and a provocateur whose aesthetic is an ode to the rule-breakers and the risk-takers. There is nothing quiet about his fashion, instead his loud taste and grunge spirit are epitome of eccentricity and individuality. 


Least outrageous than the last, Self-Portrait is sophisticated but innovative and modern. Feminine and glamorous, the brand masters’ embellishments with refinement and class. Intricate details such as fishnet, embroidered with beads and sequins, add an element of luxury and opulence to the designs. Far from being classic, Self-Portrait charm lies in an inherent understanding of the feminine silhouette, creating designs that celebrate confidence and sensuality. 

Colours and textures take the centre stage in the creations. From energetic hues to muted tones, Self-Portrait’s colour choices are deliberate and strategic, contributing to the brand’s ability to create pieces that are timeless and bold. 

Vivienne Westwood

Once a provocateur, always a provocateur. Dame Vivienne Westwood created a brand based on her values: rebellion, wildness, and unapologetic political incorrectness.Today, the brand keeps her legacy of defiance by pushing aesthetic boundaries. With a trailblazing spirit deeply rooted in punk ideology, the textures and silhouettes are provoking and captivating, embodying a spirit of chaos and authenticity.

Checkered fabrics and the emblematic tartan, daring animal prints, mixed with other fun and unusual motifs are testament of the heterogeneous and playful exploration that embodies the punk spirit, and the audacious nature of this brand. A captivating mix of colours, prints, and styles, create an avant-garde wardrobe rooted in its creator’s loud stands. 


Versace reigns supreme as a beacon of subversive style, celebrated for its audacious embrace of unapologetic seduction. The hallmark of Versace’s aesthetic lies in its unwavering dedication to opulent excess. From golden accessories, such as chains and buttons, to floral embellishments and crystals, Versace crafts a narrative that is at once bold and alluring, embodying a distinctive fusion of Italian elegance and unabashed sensuality.

Its maximalism is sumptuous and daring, elegant and provocative. Since its debut, the brand has remained faithful to its codes, becoming one of the most recognisable in the industry.

Written By  By Carolina Benjumea 

Header Image By Mia Washbrook


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