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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Cardi B Confidently Flaunts Her Figure In The Steamy Music Video For “Enough (Miami)”, Donning 5 Daring Ensembles

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Cardi B Confidently Flaunts Her Figure In The Steamy Music Video For “Enough (Miami)”, Donning 5 Daring Ensembles

 Released at midnight on Friday, the 31-year-old rapper, born Belcalis Marlenis Cephus, showcases her curves in a variety of colourful and distinct outfits. Despite their differences in colour and design, each ensemble features Cardi with thin 90s-inspired pencil eyebrows, blue contact lenses and smoky eye makeup, emphasizing her desire for teasing and bold fashion choices. Join us as we dive into these five iconic outfits seen in her new music video. 


 In a bold display of confidence, Cardi B takes centre stage, showcasing her signature style in a striking one-piece ensemble within the opening scene of the music video. Paired with a lavish furry coat and burgundy knee-high platform boots, the New York native draws attention with her daring fashion choices. With her short burgundy locks adding an edgy touch to her look, Cardi captivates viewers with her fearless attitude and undeniable presence. Despite being enveloped in the luxurious fur coat, the star teases viewers by revealing glimpses of her figure in the provocative outfit, embodying her role as an iconic entertainer in the hip-hop scene. 


As the music begins and Cardi takes centre stage, her presence is immediately felt as she effortlessly switches between two eye-catching ensembles. The first, her captivating burgundy outfit, perfectly accentuating her curves and confidence. Transitioning seamlessly to the bold red ensemble, Cardi embraces the daring design, featuring stylish strips of red fabric strategically placed over her private areas. This choice not only showcases her fearless fashion sense but also emphasises her status as a trendsetter in the industry. Completing the look is a futuristic pointed headdress and glasses combination, adding an avant-garde edge to her ensemble and solidifying her reputation as a style icon. 


Making a bold statement, Cardi B unveiled a daring black fishnet ensemble, adorned with an array of shimmering silver accents from head to toe. This provocative outfit exudes confidence and allure, showcasing Cardi’s fearless approach to fashion. From intricate silver detailing adorning her neckline to sparkling embellishments gracing her fingertips, every aspect of the ensemble captivates attention. The sleek black fabric serves as the perfect backdrop for the dazzling silver ornaments, creating a mesmerising contrast that commands the spotlight. With her signature flair for extravagance, Cardi once again pushes the boundaries of style, leaving a lasting impression with her unforgettable ensemble. 


In another striking ensemble, Cardi donned a chic white crop top adorned with eye-catching red detailing, paired with matching white bikini bottoms. This ensemble not only showcased her toned physique but also provided a canvas for her impressive assortment of tattoos, which were prominently displayed against the backdrop of the bikini bottoms in the music video. Opting for a more understated makeup look compared to her previous black fishnet outfit, Cardi left the face piercings and kept her makeup simple yet elegant. Her sleek, voluminous black hair added to the allure of the ensemble, framing her face with effortless sophistication. With each meticulous detail carefully curated, Cardi once again captivated viewers with her bold fashion choices and undeniable presence on screen. 


Cardi embraced a daring topless look, accentuated by a flowing brown head scarf elegantly draping her frame and serving as a cover for her ample assets. Her long blonde hair, styled sleek and straight with striking red bangs, framed her face with a bold contrast. Adding to the allure, Cardi adorned herself with oversized statement necklaces and bracelets, each adorned with dazzling jewels that caught the light with every movement. With each accessory meticulously chosen to complement her ensemble, Cardi exuded confidence and sophistication, leaving an indelible impression as she commanded the screen with her magnetic presence. 


Cardi revealed the cover art for her latest release last Tuesday, “Enough (Miami),” offering a breath-taking glimpse of herself reclining nude upon a luxurious satin bench, her cascading hair elegantly draping down its surface. In this mesmerising shot, her intricate tattoos adorn her gleaming body, adding to the allure of the image. With a caption teasing the imminent release, Cardi invited anticipation for the song’s debut. 

Written By Gabriella Neocleous


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