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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Brace Yourself; The 90s Brow Has Made A Comeback

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Brace Yourself; The 90s Brow Has Made A Comeback

After spending the last couple of years growing our brows to make them more fluffy and natural, it seems as if its time to pull out our tweezers again. The launch of the new Disney+ show ‘Pam and Tommy’ has sent viewers into a frenzy trying to achieve Pamela Anderson’s iconic 90s look.

Complete with smokey eyes, thin brows and darkly lined lips; Pam’s signature makeup is easy to achieve whilst being fun and different to the glam makeup we’ve been rocking throughout the 2010’s. If we weren’t already excited enough to try this look, TikTok has created a ‘Pam Makeup’ filter, which has quickly become a huge trend on the app, with the filter being used over 1.3 million times in the past few weeks!


Thin brows are gonna come back.. put the tweezers down #pamelaanderson #transformation

♬ Be My Lover – La Bouche

With the likes of Alexa Demie and Abby Roberts being advocates for the 90’s brow, what’s stopping us from giving it a go? Say goodbye to grown out fluffy brows and hello to super skinny brows, as they aren’t going anywhere!

Everyone is watching ‘Pam and Tommy‘ right now, and is giving viewers that nostalgic 90’s feeling. From the hair, the clothes, the makeup; everything about Lily James’ transformation is giving us quintessential Pam, and it’s bringing back the popular trends, starting with the thin brows!

Having a super thin arched brow was a must have makeup staple in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and Pamela was one of the leaders of this trend. In light of the new show, it’s making viewers reconsider their natural grown out brows and pick up those tweezers to give it a go. Alongside Pamela Anderson, a more recent skinny brow culprit is Alexa Demie. The euphoria star has been rocking a thin arched brow on the daily, paired with her new cropped cut, the two together are a perfect combination giving us that 90’s feeling.

It was only a matter of time before these brows came back, with 90s and Y2K fashion making a comeback these last couple of years. From the 90s look trending on TikTok, to being sported by the biggest names in beauty and fashion, we are contemplating picking up those tweezers!

Words By Lily Grimes

Photo Credit: Pam And Tommy Instagram


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