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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team Bimba Y Love U: A Collaboration For Everyone This Valentines Day

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Bimba Y Love U: A Collaboration For Everyone This Valentines Day

Photo Credits: @bimbaylola
Photo Credits: @bimbaylola

Bimba Y Lola and Harry Freegard have come together to celebrate all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day, with this new, Art Brut-esque collaboration.

The Spanish brand, known for its bold prints and use of vibrant colour, has never been afraid of the Avant-Garde and plays a large role in Spain’s fashion scene with it’s affordable prices and diversity. So it makes sense for the label to get together with such a force as Harry Freegard in this genderless jewellry collection. Among some simpler pieces in the campaign are more maximalist earrings and necklaces, composed of abstract drawings and bedazzled dolls, ringing true to Freegard’s far out designs.

The up and coming artist and designer, known also by the handle Harrie Brashaw, has taken the avant-garde fashion scene by storm in recent years with his boisterous, comical and queer-centric campaigns and designs, much inspired by Art Brut, Dada and the raucousness of Central Saint Martins fashion design graduates before him. This partnership is just one of his growing portfolio, but it’s significant with its scale and its embrace of universal love.

The site’s message reads: ‘This is the century of universal love. Free from boundaries of any kind. To celebrate it, spread it, and enjoy it, we’ve collaborated with Harry Freegard, aka Harrie Bradshaw. The British polymath is in charge of this witty and funny campaign featuring our Outsider, Alphabet and Ring collections. Scroll down to fall in love with our pieces and his work!’ showing it’s aim to recognise all relationships, as youthful brands start to unravel heteronormativity in fashion and art.

The campaign sports Harry’s witty art and graphics, reminiscent of Dadaism, to promote the pieces, and uses diverse models to show the collection’s all-inclusive aim, while grasping the essence of Valentine’s day with it’s lovey-dovey imagery.

In a conversation with Dazed, Freegard said that the collection and campaign were

All about love, kissing, and crushing, and the post-ironic glamour that is laced within the genius tradition of Valentine’s.”

See for yourself and shop this great collection here: https://www.bimbaylola.com/gb_en/valentinesday-campaign

Words by Daisy Greetham


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