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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Beauty Trends To Watch: New York Fashion Week.

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Beauty Trends To Watch: New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week indisputably sets the trends. Its influence does not stop at fashion and clothing as an array of hair and beauty trends debut on the runway and into the public interest.

HBO’s Euphoria (which debuted this June) has had a strong influence on the makeup artists of NWFW with MUA Romero Jennings even hash-tagging on his Insta post featuring his VFiles looks. With the shows now a vibrant memory, here’s our rundown of the best looks in hair and makeup that will shock, amaze and inspire you.


Head in the Clouds

Mansur Gavriel SS20

At Mansur Gavriel it was all about the eyes. Romy Soleimani (@romyglow) was in control of painting the eyelids of the models, and skilfully utilised white and azure hues to create dreamy looks that mirrored the sky. Soleimani used Bobbi Brown to create these awing looks and kept true to her love of colour.

Acid Green

Ulla Johnson SS20

Do you ever get the urge to find the brightest eyeshadow in your makeup collection and paint it all over your lids? Soleimani’s acid toned eye-looks for Ulla Johnson did just this. Sharp and glow in the dark, Soleimani applied neon green eye pigment delicately and idiosyncratically to each model, creating a masterpiece and continuing her experimental style.

Graphic Eyeliner

VFiles SS20

VFiles rocks an edgy-streetwear aesthetic and fittingly, MUA Romero Jennings (@romerojennings) went big and bold with the makeup. Red-winged liner to the heavens, holographic glitter, and silver brows all caught our attention.

Jennings put a contemporary yet dazzling spin on 70s punk beauty, using M.A.C products to create the look – Jules from Euphoria would be proud. Use the Chromaline gel eyeliner in Basic Red to recreate the look, and don’t feel pressured to make it too perfect, just wing it.

Rhinestone Encrusted

Pyer Moss SS20

Pyer Moss’ show was a love-letter to the 70s. Red rhinestones encrusted the models’ eyes and garments down the runway. Uoma beauty took control of beauty and kept up with the brand’s commitment to keeping makeup diverse, purposeful and head-turning. Red monochrome eyes were all the rave. The makeup at fashion week teaches us to have fun with glitter, bright colours and killer wings. Treat your face as a canvas and experiment with a few of these future-facing eye-looks!


Don’t Touch My Hair

Pyer Moss SS20

Pyer Moss’ show Collection 3, Sister also impressed as he put on display the contributions of African Americans to American culture. Fittingly, natural hair slayed the runway and was styled with skill. Such hair looks are long overdue at Fashion Week with African-American models such as Olivia Anakwe previously calling out their negative experiences with hair stylists.

Moss’ show proves that change is occurring.

With New York city only recently banning discrimination of natural hair, Moss’ show seems to question why it has taken this long. His show embraces and celebrates, in all of its glory, natural hair. Mini gold heads of rapper Ms Lauryn Hill embellished braided hair, halo-like Afros graced heads and dreads of all variants were all standouts.


Jonathan Cohen SS20 and Ulla Johnson SS20

Both Jonathan Cohen and Ulla Johnson featured models with hair plaited together with fabric (Cohen) and holographic plastic (Johnson) giving off Boho-Chic vibes. Though fabric in hair is a little 2000’s it could be making a comeback this season. Alice + Olivia colour-coordinated baby-pink hair scarves tied into a ponytail with eye-shadow, major 90s nostalgia.

Bejewelled Faces

Area SS20

Accessories? Makeup? Both? Regardless of unanswered questions – Area stole the show with the way they reinvented the chemical compositions of ‘makeup’. From diamante beards to Swarovski tears, Area’s aesthetic had us in awe and left us philosophising just how they managed to keep the jewels on faces without falling off! Face makeup was kept to a minimum for the show allowing the jewels to shine with full force.

Words by Hena Sharma

Graphics by Fiona Campbell

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