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Beat the Heat: How to Heatproof Your Makeup This Summer

Feeling victimised by your makeup is something we have all experienced. We’ve all come home after a hot sweaty day to find that half of it has slid down your face. Yes, it’s embarrassing to know that you have been walking around in public looking like a clown. But equally, it makes you wonder, what am I doing wrong in my makeup routine?

Well, as summer is practically here, we have got you covered with our top tips to lock in your makeup.

Firstly, it's Prime Time

Anyone who wears makeup will know that sweat and makeup do not mix well. So, to ensure everything stays put, primer will become your best friend. You’ll want to find one that’s both oil-free and mattifying to help absorb excess oil and keep you looking shine-free. Something like the Benefit Pore-fessional Matte Rescue Gel will give you a flawless complexion and baby butt skin. Hitting real summer skin vibes.

Purchase the product here:

Mix Your Foundation with Moisturizer

Especially in the summer, it’s good to follow the ‘less is more’ rule. If you think about it, less makeup means less slippage. You could ditch the foundation all together, but if you’re still looking for a bit of coverage, simply mix two parts moisturizer with one part foundation and blend away. It will create that ‘no makeup, makeup look’ we love for the summer.

Choose Waterproof Products

We get a lot of fashion inspo from animals. Leopards. Zebras. But pandas, not so much. Let’s leave them to pull off ‘panda eye’ look. But for us human folk, there are a few tips and tricks to hold everything in. 1, Buy your favourite mascara and eyeliner in their waterproof version. Most brands have the option, but if not, it’s a chance to test out some new products am I right? And 2, run a little bit of black eyeshadow over your liner and mascara to lock it in place. Simple.

Ditch The Powder

You may be surprised by this one but really, using an excessive amount of powder will only make matters worse. Mix that with sweat and you’ll take cake face to a new level. So instead, opt for blotting sheets to get rid of any SULAs or excess heat sweat. Realistically, you can just use a tissue, but if you really want to heatproof your makeup, chuck some NYX Matte Blotting paper sheets in your bag and dab away.

Purchase the product here:

Use a Setting Spray

This one is fool-proof. The key to keeping your makeup in place throughout the day. There are so many smudge-proof sprays on offer, but at Voir we recommend the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. It’s a classic makeup bag staple that owns its rightful place in your summer makeup routine.

Words and Graphics by Clare Stephenson

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