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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Are Skin Care Fridges Really A Thing?

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Are Skin Care Fridges Really A Thing?

As interest in skincare has soared dramatically in the past few decades, so has the interest in specialised skincare tools, equipment and even storage systems. This is where the ‘skincare mini-fridge’ has been introduced to beauty lovers. As of late, social media has been full of photos of mini-fridges, specifically designed and used for storing serums, face-masks and jade rollers, among other products. But what benefits does it bring to the table and why do you need to invest in one? Here is Voir’s investigation into the skincare fridge.Companies like Makeup Fridge and Cosmetics Fridge have cornered the beauty side of the kitchen world, but this isn’t to say any mini-fridge from the homeware section of your local department the store won’t have a perfectly acceptable and up-to-scratch mini-fridge for your skincare products. Most tailored beauty fridges usually come with a compartment in the door which is especially handy for sheet masks, serum pouches, and other slim products. Also, with a couple of shelves in the main compartment, both smaller pots and jars, and larger serums and sprays are able to fit inside.

The benefits of keeping your products at a low temperature are no new thing, but it seemsthat only recently it has become trendy to care for the shelf-life of your skincare regime.Popular stores such as Urban Outfitters have started selling them as they have increased in popularity. Well-known and loved skincare brand Glow Recipe have also hopped on this trend and partnered with Makeup Fridge to bring a limited edition Glow Recipe Makeup Fridge which includes 3 glow recipe products and a bespoke fridge. This collaboration has proved so popular that it is currently sold out on their website.

Products with a natural ingredient list and Vitamin C specific items reap the most benefits from being stored in a cool area away from sunlight. A cool environment can help slow the growth of bacteria, meaning your products last longer and active ingredients are prevented from breaking down too quickly. Skincare appliances such as the jade roller and gua sha facial massage tool are also a good piece of kit to keep refrigerated. A cold roller will reduce puffiness and inflammation effectively, but also feel more luxurious and soothing, especially in the mornings where a cold surface can help wake you up. The same goes for eye creams and face masks. Usually prescribed acne medication will be recommended to be stored in a cool place too, so look out for doctor’s recommendations.Saying this, there is no need to store every single product in your new skincare fridge, and usually, there will be guidance and storage directions on each of your products individually. However, if you are looking to lengthen the storage life of your more active ingredient products, or looking for a spa-like treatment at home, a mini-fridge is a perfect way to do this.

Words by Amy May EllisGraphics by Georgia Walters


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