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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team A Glimpse Into The Past – A Collection Of Timeless Red Carpet Appearances – 10 Vintage Gowns

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

A Glimpse Into The Past – A Collection Of Timeless Red Carpet Appearances – 10 Vintage Gowns

With award season approaching, here is a look back on iconic moments when celebrities graced the red carpet in outstanding vintage gowns, each one presenting beauty, sophistication, and timelessness. Join us as we celebrate the allure of previous fashion and the lasting impact these vintage gowns have had on the red-carpet scene. We’ll be delving into looks from the Cannes Film Festival, The Grammys, and The Oscars. 

2022 Cannes Film Festival: Bella Hadid in 1987 Vintage Versace Dress


Bella Hadid stunned at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival with a gorgeous vintage Versace dress from 1987. The gown exemplifies Versace’s blend of luxury and dramatic flair, evoking the extravagance and boldness of the late 1980s. The gown has a dramatic and body-hugging silhouette, a characteristic of Versace’s designs that celebrate the female form with confidence and glamour. Bella’s minimal accessories, combined with an elegant updo, also allows the dress to shine. Bella Hadid Showcases her confidence and sophistication, embodying the timeless allure of Versace’s designs and seamlessly blending the extravagance of the past with the contemporary appeal of modern fashion. 

2021 Cannes Film Festival: Bella Hadid in Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS2002


Bella Hadid attended the 2021 Cannes Film Festival wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture white dress from the Spring/Summer 2002 collection, showcasing the bold and imaginative essence of haute couture. Her gown’s focal point was a dramatic black tulle neckline and train that perfectly combined classic elegance with unconventional style. The form-fitting silhouette and floor-length skirt emanated timeless elegance. Bella carried her bold creation with confidence and grace, opting for an element makeup look and sleek bun. 

2022 Cannes Film Festival: Natalie Portman in Custom Christian Dior Gown Inspired By The Iconic 1949 Creation ‘Junon’


Natalie Portman’s debut at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival was a sublime tribute to couture elegance and archived fashion, as she walked the red carpet wearing a Christian Dior gown inspired by the iconic 1949 creation, ‘Junon’. The gown flawlessly blends classic Dior sophistication with contemporary flair, evoking the timeless beauty of the original ‘Junon’ gown while adding modern embellishments. The pastel shades of the gown, which is adorned with beading cascading in captivating layers, match Portman’s skin and exude an ethereal and romantic air. The silhouette is a timeless and flattering tribute to Christian Dior’s New Look style, with a fitted bodice and flowing skirt. Portman’s flawless styling, modest accessories, sophisticated updo, and subtle yet glowing makeup create a look of understated elegance. Beyond a mere fashion statement. 

2023 Cannes Film Festival: Winnie Harlow In An AW2008 Jean Paul Gaultier Dress


Winnie Harlow’s appearance at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in a Jean Paul Gaultier design from the Autumn/Winter 2008 collection is a beautiful example of fashion as an art form. The gown’s elaborate structural components demonstrate Gaultier’s blend of unconventional design and high fashion. The dress’s green metallic colour palette displays modern elegance, with the contrasting tones add depth to the overall design. The gown’s complex texture, which catches light in mesmerising ways, also provides another aspect to its visual appeal. Winnie Harlow, known for her bold style, wears the gown gracefully, with few accessories to highlight the dress. Harlow’s choice of this Jean Paul Gaultier masterpiece not only demonstrates her own fashion style, but also honours Gaultier’s tradition of pushing fashion limits. 

2019 Grammys: Cardi B In A Thierry Mugler Gown From Their AW1995 Haute Couture Collection


Cardi B’s memorable look at the 2019 Grammy Awards featured a stunning gown from Thierry Mugler’s Autumn/Winter 1995 Haute Couture collection, showcasing fashion’s revolutionary impact. This Mugler gown perfectly combines haute couture elegance with a dramatic flare, with a clamshell-inspired bodice that encompasses Cardi B in a pearlized, shimmering hue, creating an air of oceanic fantasy. The extravagant skirt, flowing in layers of delicate, pale pink silk, forms an ethereal silhouette. What distinguishes this gown is its drama, which elevates Cardi B to the status of a daring fashion icon. This Mugler gown makes a dramatic statement about Cardi B’s identity as an artist and public figure, embracing the transformational power of fashion to create a unique and distinctive image. 

2022 Grammys: Dua Lipa’s Vintage 1992 Versace Dress


Dua Lipa’s fashion choice for the 2022 Grammy Awards, a vintage 1992 Versace dress, effortlessly combines retro glamour with contemporary style. The dress reflects the extravagance of the early 1990s, a time when major fashion statements were prevalent. the gown’s most distinguishing aspect is the intricate and gold detailing, a signature of Versace’s designs that combines antique elements, and abstract designs and patterns to produce an eye-catching dress. The sensual yet beautiful silhouette, with a body-conscious fit, reflects the curve-embracing styles prominent in the early 1990s while retaining a contemporary edge. Lipa pays tribute to fashion history by wearing this classic Versace dress, which combines past and present trends and displays her position as a modern fashion icon. 

2023 Grammys: Anitta’s 2003 Vintage Versace Dress


Anitta’s appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards in a vintage Atelier Versace gown from 2003 showcases the perfect combination of timeless luxury with modern flair. The Atelier Versace creation reflects the brand’s luxury and bold look, as well as early 2000s fashion. The gown’s sleek, form-fitting design compliments the feminine form, emphasising Anitta’s physique with effortless grace. Intricate details, such as lavish decorations meticulously placed to catch the light, showcases the vintage Atelier Versace gown. Anitta’s appearance at the 2023 Grammys highlights the continuing legacy of early 2000s attire, radiating modern elegance with confidence and grace that is captivating and inspiring. 

2009 Oscars: Penélope Cruz’s 1950s Balmain Gown


Penélope Cruz’s 2009 Oscars dress, a 1950s Balmain gown reflects traditional Hollywood beauty, timeless elegance, and fashion. The gown’s long, voluminous skirt, a 1950s hallmark, lends a dramatic flair reminiscent of old Hollywood’s grandeur and fairy-tale charm. The perfectly tailored bodice, expertly constructed by Balmain, flows effortlessly from the outstanding skirt to a refined upper portion, emphasising both precision and elegance. The gown’s soft pastel shades and luxurious fabric add to its ageless appeal, resulting in a visually attractive and visually appealing garment. Cruz’s simple accessories, classic hair, and beautiful makeup enhances the vintage look without appearing dated. 

2020 Oscars: Margot Robbie In 1990s Chanel


Margot Robbie’s choice for the 2020 Oscars, a 1990s Chanel Couture gown, exemplifies the seamless blend of timeless elegance and a modern look. Reflecting the transformative era of minimalism and refined elegance in the 1990s, particularly under Karl Lagerfeld’s creative guidance at Chanel, the gown exemplifies the brand’s ability to mix modernity with timeless appeal. With a focus on perfect tailoring and delicate detailing, the gown’s sleek and refined form presents a modern version of the classic evening gown, gracefully enhancing Margot Robbie’s body without it being overly extravagant. Delicate embellishment, such as intricate embroidery and beading, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the gown, highlighting Chanel’s well-known craftsmanship and elevating it to wearable art. 

2004 Oscars: Jennifer Garner’s 1970 Valentino Dress


Jennifer Garner’s choice for the 2004 Oscars, a 1970s Valentino gown, elegantly preserves the essence of the era’s couture while radiating timeless beauty. The 1970s was a time of daring innovation in fashion, with a mix of glamour, fluidity, and expressive styles. Valentino, famed for his refined designs, created gowns that exemplified the beauty and grace of the time. Garner’s choice displays a genuine admiration for the era’s design and Valentino’s enduring appeal. The rich, vibrant red colour pays tribute to the era’s preference for bold colours, making a statement on the red carpet and giving warmth to Garner’s entire look. Garner embodies the timeless appeal of vintage fashion by wearing a 1970s Valentino gown, blending a contemporary elegance into a vintage gown and producing a look that is both nostalgic and refreshingly current. 

Written By Gabriella Neocleous


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