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Avant-Chic: Last Year At Marienbad

This year saw the Venice International Film Festival hosting its 75th show, and what a show it was.

Grab your popcorn, find a nice comfy chair, and be prepared to be transported back in time to pure glamour. Chanel have supported the restoration of the 1960’s avant-garde masterpiece of cinema 'Last year at Marienbad' directed by Alain Resnais.

The film encompasses everything we yearn for in stylish cinema, each shot is showcased in monochrome creating a sense of timelessness as well as having leading actress Delphine Seyrig in stunning outfits dressed by Gabrielle Chanel herself. With this year showcasing a range avant-garde cinema photography such as the Met-Gala ‘Night at the Museum’ Tilda Swinton has said about the film “I feel it was made for this year.” With each shot leaving you craving for more and providing a sense of mystery, one is left captivated and “Completely lost between dream and reality”- Anna Mouglalis.

Impressions After the Premier of Last Year at Marienbad - Chanel

'Last Year at Marienbad' 2018 trailer

'Last Year at Marienbad' 1960's trailer

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