Milan Mens Fashion Week: The Top 5 Shows

It's the end of Milan fashion week where some of the world's top designers have showcased their Autumn/Winter collections. These Italian designers took the opportunity to dominate the runway with their new creations. Here are the top 5 favourite shows which won our runway love…

Dolce & Gabbana

“King’s Angels” is the name of such a period and royal collection made by Dolce & Gabbana. Famous names such as Cameron Dallas, Christian Combs and Austin Mahone, walked in a range of slim fitted striped trousers which were under glistening gold-brocaded tailcoats.

The influence of periods and menswear genres expanded as the collection revealed itself on the runway. Ultraviolet, to baby pink to emerald greens were the fitted large-lapel suits; which all came in an embroidered, striped, brocaded style. Some of which in all three. Luxurious embellished slip-ons and jacquard pants were combined with velvet jackets. The Dolce & Gabbana show also saw velvet and silk tracksuits which were layered with mosaic cross-stitches of heraldry.

Photo: Marcus Tondo /


Versace tartan which was dyed in every and any colour available; this was sliced into long and short fringed-edge strips on male coats, and used in kilts and thigh-highs for the women as well as splashed in vibrant red and blue on suiting. Teamed with the tartan was inspiration for the Animalia as there was sufficiently much tiger, leopard and zebra spread across the whole collection for both male and female from the Versace archives. Versace Casa – the everything but plain home collection was the largest source of influence for this outstanding A/W collection. Hooded sweaters for both men and women, panels printed and edged with fringing.

Photo: Luca Tombolini /


Glossy black patent textures automatically gave a high degree of kink and S&M to this A/W collection. Although text and words were often used to avoid an X rating and make it sellable. Much lace was used to define the back of a tailored coat; the blurred faces referencing Carlo Mollino. Much underwear was placed over suiting and short sleeve leisure that is influenced by Jean-Paul Gautier. Taking out the fetish and kinky attire, you’re left with many evening dresses, curb-appeal coats, and a black version of last year’s pink p***y hat. Closing the runway show was Season 7 Rupaul's Drag Race Winner Violet Chachki in a dubbed “tandem tux”. The jacket tails twisted like a partial strip between a couple who were otherwise shirtless, although in such a way that breasts proved irrelevant.

Photo: Luca Tombolini /

Palm Angels

Palm Angels models hid behind balaclavas growing nails and spikes, the clique marched around the showroom which was lit up by lasers revealing the classic tartan. Influenced by Grant Wood, the famous painting of an elderly rural couple was used as a print on shirts, trouser, skirts or big on dresses. This design was brave as a pair of jeans in which their faces wrapped around the models legs. Yet the rest of the collection got its cutting-edge style from mixing, matching and conflicting tartans.

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo /


The runway was set as a long luggage carousel in an airport style set in front of a departures board which listed the next flights from FND; travelling to London, Zurich and Qatar. As the carousel transported a mix of vintage Fendi luggage and Fendi-stickered boxes and the occasional fur-clad Fendi baby pram. This collection was filled with logo fur bombers, clear transparent macs and umbrella hats were all covered in the Fendi F. Diagonal lines of browns and creams covered leather track jackets, raincoats, and fluffy fur coats that came worn over corduroys and big technical sneakers. Many of the Logocentric exterior pieces such as some of the fur bombers are reversible and have an inside which is less branded.

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo /

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