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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Age of Fashion Film

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Age of Fashion Film

For decades it seems, fashion has been seen as the industry that breeds consumerism and celebrity. But fashion goes deeper, it is in fact an identity, a skin that clothes us all in a culture and lifestyle that not all of us may be conscious about, but it is ever-present.

Many filmmakers are now tapping into this emotional and captivating movement that is fashion film. The appeal of this medium is the fact that the avenues of concept, story and style are so endless. The power of bringing together fashion, landscape and music has been so successful that today, even music videos are adopting the fashion film style and merging the lines between the two industries.

At this year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017 in York, UK, a whole host of fashion films were screened from new emerging filmmakers to big name brands. It’s an area within fashion that has so much potential and power, from the beautiful to the brutal. We’re certain we will be seeing a lot more of these stylish shorts very soon.


Akim Laouar Aronsen, France

They Should Just Let Us All Rave/ Dior Homme FW ’17

Lorenzo Cisi, France

TODDLA T – Blackjack 21 feat. Andrea Martin

Lorenzo Cisi, UK

Inner City Voyeurism

Imogen Smith, UK

Pooma: Soldier

Harun Guler, Germany

Emma Brewin Spring/ Summer 2017

“beNANAS” Anna Peftieva & Ben Higgs, UK

Isaac Delusion: Isabella

Nadia Lee Cohen, UK


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