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10 High-Impact Palettes That Will Make Your Fall-Inspired Eyeshadow Looks

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette photo by @natascha.lindemann

Autumn is around the corner, and the world is changing with it. Along with the new season come new fashion trends, pumpkin spices lattes, and new makeup. Mother Nature is repainting her canvas with a new palette- one that’s darker, fiery. Here are ten fall inspired palettes to help you choose your colour combinations this Autumn.

Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad

Tom Ford images via @tomfordbeauty

Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad

Retail: £68.00

This 4 palette collection includes a myriad of golden oranges, deep reds, and honey-toned browns. The packaging for all palettes is a sleek, black box with the Tom Ford logo written in gold writing on the front. The palette is plain black, elegantly simple.

Each quad palette includes a shimmer, a sheer-sparkle, a satin, and a matte shade. For ultimate versatility, each shade gives a different finish, and each one compliments eachother. The wet-dry formula gives even more options for the finish you want- a dry brush for a sheer finish, a wer brush for more intense pigmentation. The combination of dark and light shades means this Tom Ford palette makes it easier to achieve the perfect Autumn smokey eye.

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette photo by @natascha.lindemann

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Retail: £60

It’s hard to deny that this Natasha Denona palette can create the perfect Autumn look. With it’s combination of golds, nudes, and reds, it can create any look you want. From a high-impact smokey eye, to a subtle shimmer, it can do anything you need it to. The 15 shades are designed to compliment one another, while also being unique. At it’s core, it’s a study into copper- any way you could think to use copper can be done with this palette.

The pan is topped with a large mirror that takes up the surface of the lid. The exterior of it captures exactly what you’ll find inside; it’s a simple, reflective golden orange, with the brand name on the lid in slim, black writing. Like Tom Ford’s palette, the metallic shades are most vibrant when used with a wet brush, and more sheer with a dry brush, giving you complete control over the finishing look.

Morphe 24M Main Event Artistry Palette

Morphe 24M Main Event Palette images @morphebrushes, @mmmmitchell

Morphe 24M Main Event Artistry Palette

Retail: £29

The Morphe Main Event palette is a collaboration between Morphe, Mmmmitchell (British make-up artist), and Daisy Maskell (KISS evening presentor). Since Mmmmitchell burst onto the make-up scene a few years ago, he has been the embodiment of talent and skill. His looks always burst with colour, so it’s no surprise that he’s put together one of the most colourful palettes of this season. Unlike the previous two, this palette contains all the colours you could possibly need, in one place.

Each of the 24 shades are completely unique from one another, and the resulting effect of each forluma also varies. The mattes are soft and blendable, the metallics blinding, and almost every matte has a corresponding shimmer-shade somewhere in the palette. While the nudes and browns can create a quick and easy look, the brighter colours are bold and impactful and can be used to make a statement. The shade-names reflect the Main Event theme that it carries- in a normal year, August would have been concluding festival season. And this shade is a great substitute for what could have been.

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Artistry Palette

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Artistry Palette images @morphebrushes

Morphe 35C Everyday Chic Artistry Palette

Retail: £24.00

Cardi B’s gorgeous, fantasy-dream look is all you need to see to know how beautiful this pallete is. With a shade range that goes from ethereal pastels to chocolate browns, the Everyday Chic Artistry palette is exactly what it says on the tin- a palette you can literally use every single day. Each of the 35 shades is a new experience, a new tone. With icy blues and blush pinks cutting through the deep plums and emerald greens, this palette will carry you all the way until next spring.

The last three rows are perfect for fulfilling your Autumn looks this season, anyway you want to achieve them. The packaging resembles the majority of Mophe’s artistry palettes, and doesn’t take the spotlight away from the colours themselves. While this palette is exactly what you’d expect, it’s also as pigmented as you’d expect. Upholding the high quality Morphe name, the shades are creamy and soft, the shimmers adding that little bit of glam to every look.

Delilah Colour Intense Eyeshadow Palette in Damsel

Delilah Colour Intense images @delilahcosmetics

Delilah Colour Intense Eyeshadow Palette

Retail: £34

This nine-shade palette is your perfect travel companion for this season. The small size and accompanying mirror means you can take it anywhere, always keeping it ready in case of an eyeshadow emergency. The packaging is a beautifully created, rose-gold compact with the brand name printed on the top, and comes in a velvet pouch for safekeeping. Described as “your one-stop wardrobe for show stopping eyeshadows,” the colour combinations in this palette give you complete freedom over the resulting look.

From low-key nudes to a high-impact black, there isn’t much else you’d need when readying yourself for a night out. The pigmentation is high, and the mattes blend seemlessly into a proffessional-looking finish. The formula contains micro-pigments, giving you a look that lasts all night.

Clarins Ombre 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Clarins Ombre 4-Colour Eyeshadow palette images via Clarins Website

Clarins Ombre 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Retail: £34

This stylishly simple, four-colour compact is the plum-dream that’s going to take your Autumn palette to the next level and is part of Clarins’ new Autumn collection for 2020. Each of these tones complement one another, working in tandem with each other to add an element of colour to the golden tones you’ll need this season. There are six variations of the gradient palettes, but this particular one- Rosewood Gradation- is the newest release in the collection. All four colours are shimmer shades, and the palette includes a blush pink, a light pink, a deep brown, and a striking mauve.

The shadows are enriched with bamboo powder and Vitamin E, which holds antioxidant and protective properties. The shades are designed to last on the eye for up to 12 hours. The packaging is also extremely simple- a round palette with a built-in mirror and companion brush. The outside is a rose-pink colour, and the palette arrives in a white square box that details what’s inside. This palette is most likely for those who want more basic looks- a single bold colour, or a coating of the blush pink for a lighter effect. That being said, the bottom row can certainly be used to create depth to any look.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette- Walk of No Shame

Charlotte Tilbury Images via Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette- Walk of No Shame

Retail: £40 Another sturdy, travelsized compact to complete your travel necessities, this Charlotte Tillbury palette could be seen as similar to ones we’ve seen before, but has completely different capabilities. The square compact is topped with an elegent, chocolate brown shade. A gold slit runs down the centre, framing the Charlotte Tillbury logo. The shades were inspired by the hugely popular Walk Of No Shame Berry Matte Lipstick, and outcame three beautifully red and pink colours. A rose gold glitter, and three other shimmers complete the ensemble that sits neatly in the palette that almost reflects the colours of the shadows.

Both pigmented and buildable, you can create any look you want with this crimson quartet. A deep, red smokey eye, or a glowing lid- there are endless posibilities. Using a wet or dry brush can create different effects, and the three shimmer shades build from sheer to bold in seconds. With this palette, you can create an effortlessly vampy Autumn look to match your new wardrobe. As reds are in this season, you need those complementory tones at hand.

Revolution PRO 24k Gold Shadow Palette

Revolution PRO 24k Palette, @makeuprevolution on Instagram

Revolution PRO 24K Gold Shadow Palette Retail: £10.50

This 18-shade palette was inspired by the glow of golden hour- the orange tones that dominate the sky as the sun sets behind the horizon. And it is- in a nutshell- everything you need this Autumn season. Ranging from glitter-golds to infinitely blendable matte shades, this palette can create any look you could possibly want to make. The browns and darker pinks create the perfect transition shades to give you a flawless blend, and the yellows and reds can create the ultimately fiery look that everyone needs in Autumn.

The packaging- as always with Revolution- doesn’t disappoint. Once again, they have thought outside of the box and created a work of art with this design. The entire palette is a gentle gold colour that becomes more intense on the top half of the lid. The bottom half is black, with small golden flakes flittering inside of it. The whole design radiates a metallic feel to it, and that’s only confirmed when you open it and see the multitude of shimmery shades. The possibilities here are endless, as all 18 shades can contribute to any look you could want this season. Retailing at £10.50, it’s one of the more affordable palettes on this list. And the quality doesn’t suffer, either, as each shade is incredibly pigmented.

Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Rose Decadence Eyeshadow Palette

Rose Decadence Eyeshadow images @patmcgrathreal

MTHRSHP Rose Decadence Eyeshadow Palette

Retail: £50 This newly dropped Pat McGrath palette includes every sparkly shade you’re going to want this season. Based around pinks, the name Rose Decadence is truly appropriate for what’s inside and on the cover of this palette. From the intricate artwork on the packaging, it’s immediate to the buyer that they’re about to invest in something that is absolutely gorgeous. With pink roses decorating the baby-pink background and golden leaves exploding behind them, the packaging is genuinely so gorgeous that I just had to take a moment to sit back, and take it all in.

The palette has a built-in mirror and is fairly small, meaning it’s easy to travel with and use on the go. The champagne pinks and deep plumbs can take you from the desk to dinner in a matter of moments. Paired with another palette that has deeper colours, you could create some truly out of this world looks that stun everyone around you. The mattes are soft and creamy, the shimmers glistening, and the duo- chrome taking the combination of tones to the next level. Retailing at £50, it isn’t the most affordable of palettes, but the quality you get makes every penny worth it.

Colourpop Candy Castle Shadow Palette

Colourpop Candy Castle images @colourpopcosmetics

Colourpop Candy Castle Shadow Palette

Retial: £18

Colourpop’s Candy Castle eyeshadow palette puts a fun spin on the pastel-hangover you’ll be having at the start of this season. These 10 shades will carry you into Autumn, the icy purples and mint greens there for you in the Winter, too. The palette is as sweet as it looks- the mattes are intensely pigmented with huge colour payoff, and the shimmers blind you instantly. The nudes and brown mixed with the blush tones means this palette is going to give you a bold look this Autumn, one that’s maybe a little less conventional (if that’s the kind of person you are!).

This nostalgic collaboration between the childhood boardgame is named after one of the places you’d pass through in the game and these memories will come rushing back as you use these gorgeous shades. The imagery on the front of the palette is also from the game- graphics you would’ve seen on the board. As thanksgiving and Christmas make their way towards us, it’s not unlikely you’ll be wanting something a little nostalgic.

Words by Abigail Forrest

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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