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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team YUZEFI Debuts First Ready-To-Wear Collection

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

YUZEFI Debuts First Ready-To-Wear Collection

Photo Credit: YUZEFI

With the launch of the fall-winter 21/22 collection, Naza Yousefi, designer of the accessory brand YUZEFI, makes her debut in the world of ready-to-wear with her first clothing line, talking about, “The desire for a new beginning lies within all of us. A need for normality, but that offers something fresh, proactive and serious”. The simplicity of the silhouettes and their essentiality are a natural continuation of the style that the brand, based in London, had initially chosen for their bags.

Photo Credit: YUZEFI

Versatility and functionality are also elements that from the world of accessories have been translated into the world of clothing, in order to create a fil rouge and preserve the identity of Yuzefi. So a series of laces and drawstrings have become the tool to make the garments transformable and to create an aesthetic uniformity without solutions of continuity. Another distinguishing feature is sustainability, which results both in the use of recycled and certified vegan leather, and in the recovery of surplus fabrics, such as linen and wool, which, once again, apply the same approach to garments as the one reserved for accessories.

The suits that YUZEFI presented for the fall-winter 2021 2022 collection are characterized by cropped blazers decorated with long laces that allow you to tie panels to lengthen their silhouette, combined with soft-cut trousers, both in a black version and in sandy shades. The skirts are wallet-shaped, tied at the waist and also worn over the trousers as an overcoat; they are then worn with jackets, always cropped, but with a structure that integrates the rigid cups of a bustier. The “wrap” construction is also chosen for the shirts in pastel tones, such as wisteria, and there are proposals with large vegan leather pants. The dresses are mini with a tank top cut and with small knots that stop the straps, or even longer version, again in vegan leather, combined with trousers and then used as a long tunic, for an elegant look monochrome and “mono-material”.

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Words By Tommaso Donnati


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