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9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Your July Horoscope Is Here: And The Nails To Match

9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Your July Horoscope Is Here: And The Nails To Match

July is finally here and we have your horoscope all lined up for you. Courtesy of Joanne Hope see what the stars have in store for you this month!

♈️ Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac you have a fiery, and energetic personality, July brings an outlet to channel your extraordinary talents and helps builds you a platform for success. Now is the time to channel your inner power and let others know who is the boss. In love you just need to relax and have fun, a relationship grows in intimacy through laughter and a light hearted approach.

Wear the colour silver for luck, and possessing a Carnelian will recharge your batteries and increase your vitality, optimism and joy for life.

Lucky Colour Silver
Lucky Crystal Carnelian

♉️ Taurus

Valuing the finer things in life Taurus, July will put you in the mood for travel, shopping to find the latest and the best experiences you can find will certainly be rewarding. Family is always at the heart of a matter and you will be delighted to know how much you mean to them now, and in the future, as your good influence reaches far and wide. In love you can explore your feelings and express yourself to who you love, opening yourself up to them will guarantee you are on the same page and brings you closer.

Wear gold for luck and get some Rose Quartz as this will open your heart chakra and release feelings of love and affection and heal old wounds from past relationships.

Lucky Colour Gold
Lucky Crystal Rose Quartz

♊️ Gemini

Living life to the full is something that can inspire you and others close to you Gemini, make the most out of the fabulous opportunities that lay ahead this month, armed with that million dollar smile of yours you can’t go wrong. July is leading you into a summer of lovely times filled with happy moments that create good memories. Animals and children feature strongly in your life and can bring happiness to you in so many ways. In love you can conquer the world as your love life is getting stronger and the karmic tie you share with another will make itself known.

Wear blue for luck and a citrine quartz crystal can influence ideas and intelligence, improves memory and also gives you more mental energy to deal with your busy schedule.

Lucky Colour Blue
Lucky Crystal Citrine Quartz

♋️ Cancer

This is your time cancerians, happy birthday beautiful, it’s true to say you have a good heart and a lovely mind, and as your super intense emotions make you the natural mothers of the zodiac your compassionate self is not overlooked but very loved. This world needs more of you and as a result you will be in high demand at home and in your professional world. In love you may put your career before your private life, but try to make time for love. Wear black for femininity and luck and getting a

Moonstone will relieve any inner tensions you have, and brings you a calm vibe in difficult situations, stabilising your emotions.

Lucky Colour Black
Lucky Crystal Moonstone

♌️ Leo

As July can include some Leo’s its a happy birthday to you too, this month will open your mind to all sorts of potential that didn’t exist before, embrace all the love and opportunities coming your way, you deserve to have all that hard work and your enormous Leo heart rewarded so don’t be modest, now it is time receive some blessings and luck in return. In love you can face the future with hope in your heart, you are a blessing In anybody’s life and deserve all the happiness a heart can give. Wear white for purity of intention and get a

Tigers eye as it helps you channel greater creativity and positivity, it also gives you ongoing protection from any negative imbalances and like the big regal cat that you are, you can then relax and bask in the sunshine.

Lucky Colour White
Lucky Crystal Tigers eye

♍️ Virgo

July opens your mind to endless possibilities in your professional life Virgo, make more headway by setting a routine and sticking to it. Your talents are recognised and will be rewarding as you show the world what you are made of. In love you can have a brave heart and say what you feel, it’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes and your needs will be met if you to share your feelings. It’s a good time for marriage and commitment.

Wear purple for luck and luxury, and have a red Jasper for clarity, this crystal can help you to solve problems quickly, making your practical side more apparent and giving you smooth interactions in your work and love.

Lucky Colour Purple
Lucky Crystal Red Jasper

♎️ Libra

Ahhhh this is a summer of love that lies ahead for you Libra, your intuitive messages are correct, letting out your emotional self will sweep someone off their feet and let them know how much you care. Love attracts love, so enjoy all the attention you get and don’t be shy, they say the eyes are the windows of the soul and it looks like the window cleaners have been as yours are bright and sparkly and very beautiful, ready to let the love light in. In work you are sought after, you are a great supportive influence and provide a stimulating atmosphere creating an effective working team effort.

Wear pink for luck in love and a lapis lazuli crystal will help you accept yourself as you are to find your own personal happiness.

Lucky Colour Pink
Lucky Crystal Lapis lazuli

♏️ Scorpio

At last summer is here Scorpio and you are going to realise how much you have missed the summer nights being with friends and having a lovely time. July signifies the dark days are over and no matter what you have been through you will come out on top. Book that holiday or treat yourself for a change, you are in the perfect position now to relax and have some fun. Your love life inspires you as an admirer steps forward and opens up with their feelings. Be brave and say what you feel too. A bonus or raise in your working world is on the cards, your ambitions can come to fruition at last.

Wear green for luck and financial success and Obsidian brings powerful protective power, it allows you to make big changes quickly, finds solutions to problems and improves your intuitive side.

Lucky Colour Green
Lucky Crystal Obsidian

♐️ Sagittarius

The summer sun will put you in a good mood and brings out your lovely aspirations for the future, dream big Sagittarius as your ambitious plans can successfully succeed. If you were thinking of moving, the right place at the right time will come, you are in a good position to make changes that improve your home life. July is a month of positive blessings and you will be surprised at just how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it. As the old saying goes love is eternal and you can be with a partner that will do exactly that, love you eternally, so if it’s an anniversary on the cards or you are getting married know that you are truly loved.

Wear yellow for luck and improving your intellectual prowess, a turquoise crystal will balance your feelings and emotions and will help you prioritise what’s important.

Lucky Colour Yellow
Lucky Crystal Turquoise

♑️ Capricorn

Keeping your routine going and being sensible in your choices has improved your life and maintained a stable balance, this month will start giving you the rewards of all that discipline and hard work. Capricorn you are very down to earth but very spiritually advanced so if you were thinking of taking up anything that channels your beautiful energy and helps and heals then you have the green light to share your warm and wonderful energy. In love the stars are aligned and will be in your favour giving you blessings galore.

Wear orange for creativity and get a Jade crystal to promote communication and bring you courage to express your thoughts. This crystal will help you manifest your goals at work and in love.

Lucky Colour Orange
Lucky Crystal Jade

♒️ Aquarius

Love will scoop you up and leave you feeling blessed and happy Aquarius, it’s your time to shine as July can bring out the best in you, if you are getting engaged or married this month all will go well and you can look forward to the future with optimism. In your career there will be a breakthrough that takes you to the next level and you will come to the attention of those that count for all the right reasons, supportive colleagues will praise your name. If you have a vision now is the time to show what you are made of and get that bank balance topped up.

Wear brown for luck and practicality, an aquamarine will help you find solutions quickly and speeds up your thought processes, it also helps with removing any blocks that stop you from opening up to others.

Lucky Colour Brown
Lucky Crystal Aquamarine

♓️ Pisces

July opens the door to love inviting you to open your heart and let all that love in. Don’t dwell on the past and take this great opportunity to move forward and don’t look back. Sentimental as you are Pisces, the time is right this month to embrace your dreams and take a big stride forward in your career, you can be a stabilising force that guarantees a successful outcome, believe in what you are doing and what you stand for, as everything will work out to your advantage. You are a star and deserve to shine in this vast universe of other stars, be a light unto others.

Wear cream for luck and good karma, and also an amethyst can bring you more love and joy into your life.

Lucky Colour Cream

Lucky Crystal Amethyst

Joanne Hope

Header Image by Philippe Jarrigeon


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