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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team What Vetements Latest Venture Says About Fashion For 2022

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

What Vetements Latest Venture Says About Fashion For 2022

Photo Credit: @Vetements_official

Guram Gvasalia unveils the new secret project VTMNTS for Spring Summer 2022

From the rib of Vetements was born VTMNTS and the new Instagram profile @vtmnts_project – a new label by Guram Gvasalia, brother and co-founder together with Demna Gvasalia of the brand, who wants to reflect on the meritocratic reasons for the success of the brands. Nowadays, in order to have a place in the world’s fashion system, brands need to involve celebrities, bloggers and influencers with their collections. For VTMNTS it will clearly be the opposite. For them it is necessary to shuffle the cards in the table, reposition the counters to zero and create new rules.

“Our first project is called VTMNTS. It is a completely separate entity that is linked to the main project only by sharing some resources and know-how. We are starting VTMNTS with 100 looks in our first season. The number of looks is symbolically chosen to show our 100% commitment in the fashion industry. We want to make this industry a better place!” Guram Gvasalia.

At the end of April, The Fashion Law has announced the introduction of Vetements by registering applications related to the name Vtmnts. The use of the wording would be intended for any product category, from clothing to accessories through eyewear, jewellery, fragrances and the retail sector, and therefore, the brand would become of global scale in the near future. Among the intellectual property offices involved with this, there is also the Italian one, along with requests made in the United States, Singapore, the European Union and other countries. To date, however, there is no confirmation that this is the same project for the Guram Gvasalia founded and beloved brand.

The range, nicknamed XXX, differs from the usual tight and cut silhouettes of Vetements that we were used to, with a series of sets pleasantly proportioned to the body. Obviously always staying true to the design codes of his parent label. Leather blazers, experimental trousers, philosophical graphics, tight tops and futuristic glasses follow one another during the presentation. The new inaugural line of VTMNTS provides a valid and concrete alternative to the most advanced offers of Vetements.

The brand also offers a slew of youthful T-shirts, some with collegial motifs and others with frontal pronouns (“Them/Them”, “Her/Her” and “Him/Him”) in bold. Several iterations play with an all-over barcode fabric.

The brand’s name itself wants to enhance the clothes themselves, forgetting the superstructures covered and already traced, but at the same time it is a tribute to the origins of the brand, which certainly are not to be forgotten. A real mental and creative process that tends almost to self-denial.

“Everything has its time. It seemed to us that it was time to do something new in the industry. Time to give birth to a new brand.”

The goal of Guram Gvasalia is a return to order, enhancing the purchases of consumers with high quality garments, made with the best materials and all the necessary attention to detail. A new mission, bold and conscious, that wants to educate the new generations to buy with an eye to rejecting the mass market systems.

Another area of reflection is on logomania. Today we live in a time when the logos of the brands exhibited above the garments attract buyers more than garments with hidden labels inside them. That’s why the logo is replaced with a new badge, a barcode. VTMNTS is a brand for all kinds and deliberately positioned as a silent luxury brand because it is destined to survive in time. Last but not least, the items will only be available for sale: “It is so belittling to buy from brands that send gifts to the left and right. When you see someone wearing it – it means they bought it!”

In addition to their latest fashion collection, VTMNTS is preparing to offer financial aid and various other charitable initiatives, although at the moment the brand has not presented its plans to implement these projects.

Words by Tommaso Donatti


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