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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team March Horoscopes!What Does March Have In Store For You?

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

March Horoscopes!What Does March Have In Store For You?

Brought to you by Joanne Hopes, here we have March’s horoscopes and lucky colours, as well as crystals; read this article to make sure the stars align for you.

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♈️ Aries 

Lucky Colour    Pink

Lucky Crystal   Pink Sapphire

As March arrives you can step up the pace Aries and start to realise your hard work and all that planning last year is starting to manifest your dreams. Brilliant minds can assist you in your quest for success so don’t underestimate your destiny. As you enter a time of exciting changes embrace the new and untried, but also keep originality at the heart of everything you do. You can be as romantic as you like now, take chances on love and come out of your comfort zone. Pink is a lucky colour for you in love this month, and also brings glorious success, a pink sapphire crystal will bring you good fortune and love, truth and feminine power. 

♉️ Taurus 

Lucky Colour    Purple 

Lucky Crystal   Purple Charoite

March brings new hope and lifts your spirits Taurus, this month will revitalise you as the time is right now to reach for the stars. Glamorous times await you and the help from influential people you meet, will make you happier than you have been in a long time. March will bare testimony to a fresh start for you, so embracing all that is on offer will leave you feeling happy and very blessed. When love is knocking on your door all you have to do is open it, a special love interest is thinking about commitment, you can rest assured you pick the right partner for you and can sit back and enjoy all the good times ahead. Domestic happiness rules!. Wear your lucky colour purple to attract influential people, and your lucky crystal, purple Charoite for creativity, self esteem and spiritual energy.

♊️ Gemini 

Lucky Colour  Yellow

Lucky Crystal  Yellow Jade

March can open doors for you Gemini, believe and receive is the mantra for you this month, it will turbo charge your career and also reinforce your plans and surmount your difficulties. Leadership is essential and being the big boss of your life is always rewarding in the end, you can make sure all of that self love and self development doesn’t go to waste, the results will be amazing. When you plan ahead of time you can bring back the romance, choosing between love or work can be challenging for both parties, so get creative with your ideas and be assertive  when taking action. Equal rights and all that! Take advantage of your lucky colour yellow, as it will improve your intellectual prowess, and a yellow jade crystal is a powerful force of attraction for good fortune and prosperity.

♋️ Cancer 

Lucky Colour    Blue

Lucky Crystal   Mystical Blue Celestite

Lift your spirits and see the future with brand new eyes, March will bring you opportunities for success, a bright omen for making connections and harmonising your life. Illuminate the beauty of things and everything you encounter will conspire to help you. Abundance and prosperity can be yours, a great idea can bring great achievements, and there are lucky coincidences outside of your control. Share your love with a deserving partner and settle only for the best, the highest good can be expressed through your love and compassionate actions, and true love will always have these very fine qualities. Wear your lucky colour blue for dreams as big as the sky, and your lucky crystal mystical blue Celestite, for connecting with divine power and wisdom, holiness, and good fortune. 

♌️ Leo

Lucky Colour   White

Lucky Crystal  White Selenite 

Bringing your original ideas to the table proves fruitful and can manifest what you have been working on for a long time. March opens doors for you that are unexpected but designed to create a fantastic lasting impact on your future. It’s a favourable month to tie up loose ends and get your house in order, this leaves plenty of time to spend on leisurely pursuits that get you inspired and motivated. The power of Leo will support your most ambitious plans and can assist in bringing the whole worlds attention to your unending talents. Let love happen naturally and see the benefits of taking your time to create the life you’ve dreamt of. Wear your lucky colour white for purity of intention and unity, and get a white selenite crystal that will promote mindfulness, prayer and happiness. 

♍️ Virgo 

Lucky Colour   Red

Lucky Crystal  Fire Agate

March is a month of unexpected surprises that can catapult you forward, encouraging developments bring a whole new way of working so you can find your rightful place in the scheme of things. Trust your inclinations and follow your destiny, the choices you make now enable you to become what you were meant to be. The script of life can dictate a role you are meant to play, but some chapters can also be written by you, and as there is more joy to come, let your spirit soar and then the sky is the limit. Don’t give up on your dreams of love, anything is possible, just simply follow your heart. Wear red for energy and vitality, and get a fire agate crystal for passion and creativity, courage and protection. 

♎️ Libra 

Lucky Colour   Silver

Lucky Crystal  Rainbow Moonstone 

Working hard pays off Libra, March is encouraging you to pursue your ambitions and keep developing your abilities. Work, rest and play, is a simple but good daily routine that keeps you in a good place with everything you are doing. By Introducing a lot more creativity into your life you can explore your imagination and who knows, you may discover you really do have a talented soul. In love this month you have choices to make and can see clearly now what you want, and whom you want. Love and joy come from the basic understanding between two people that sincerely care about each other and show that to each other, you can relax and enjoy!. Wear your lucky colour silver for moonlight and romance, and get a crystal rainbow moonstone for hope, compassion, protection and abundance. 

♏️ Scorpio

Lucky Colour   Black

Lucky Crystal  Black Diamond 

Scorpio you are a superstar, your reputation proceeds you and your popularity soars. Day to day activities will take precedence now, but March is asking you to move you into a new way of thinking, as a whole new chapter full of good fortune is starting this month, and you have the energy to undertake some great work, and it is a period of increase for you!. Book that holiday, buy that new equipment,  get what you need to bring joy into your life and don’t procrastinate about your happiness. Your love life will improve, this can be the start of a mutual attraction, someone you admire will let you know how much they like you too and will get you in the mood for love. Wear your lucky colour black for mystery and passionate energy and a black diamond crystal for vibrant love, fidelity, purity and eternity. 

♐️ Sagittarius 

Lucky Colour  Green 

Lucky Crystal  Green Prasiolite 

The fire is bright within you Sagittarius, use it to light the way with your good example and your very talented self. March offers a gift to you, the opportunity to put your plan into action and have the support from others to complete it. Now is a good time for taking charge and delegating to others if you have to. Although your heart belongs overseas, grounding yourself can have a beneficial effect and give you what you need to successfully create the lifestyle you want. For love you can reach for the stars and find yourself in heaven, luck is on your side and will show you how much you are thought of and appreciated, love and romance will be music to your ears as you feel genuine love and happiness. Wear your lucky colour green for healing the heart, and green prasiolite crystal for positive energy, a remedy for those who are unlucky in love, heals the heart. 

♑️ Capricorn 

Lucky Colour  Gold

Lucky Crystal  Smoky Quartz

If you are thinking of going for gold now is a good time Capricorn, this month you can dig deeply into your own mind, uncover and sense your true purpose, all you need to do is express what you really think and feel, you will see it is the moral compass that guides your brilliance. March can be welcomed by Capricorn, with so much time spent on lots of workload  through the winter period you can now embrace the spring and summer with renewed vigour and enthusiasm and know your perseverance paid off. In love the feelings you might have thought would never return do as an encounter from your past will surprise you and bring fresh feelings of hope to your love life, a special occasion could easily bring you together, who said romance is dead?, if you let love be your guide you won’t lose the way. Wear your lucky colour gold for prestigious luck and get a smoky Quartz crystal for clearing negative energy, mental clarity, high vibrations. 

♒️ Aquarius 

Lucky Colour  Teal 

Lucky Crystal  Chrysocolla 

March is lifting your spirits up, listening to your intuition guides you to important situations and also people that will come to mean a lot to you. Aquarius this month is all about bringing the best out of you, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone brings a lot of positive possibilities that you can truly benefit from. Your working world is progressively getting better and better, Pluto is moving into Aquarius now giving you superpowers. In love a natural connection turns into romantic overtures that can make your heart sing, It’s a good time to realise what you really want out of your love life. Wear your lucky colour teal, it helps you follow your heart, and a chrysocolla crystal will enhance your intuition, a stone of a goddess, wisdom and communication.

♓️ Pisces 

Lucky Colour  Orange 

Lucky Crystal  Orange Calcite

Let March take you on a fabulous journey into the unknown free of worry or fear. Pisces are so insightful and can help others with natural, intuitive guidance. Emotional and sensitive, you can feel the way others feel and with a lot of encouragement from you, and your wisdom, they can flourish. Enjoy your birthday and take some time to reflect on exactly how you plan to move forward and that way you will save time and money. Put your romantic heart that you wear on your sleeve in your top pocket, as it’s time for you to search your emotions and find out what really matters and makes you happy. Wear your lucky colour orange for more entertainment or even the entertainment business, and an orange calcite crystal will enhance your creativity, brings greater intelligence, very uplifting and removes creative blocks. 

Words By Joanne Hope

Graphics By Mia Washbrook


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