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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Vinti Andrews is Effortlessly Revamping Locally Inspired and Re-Purposed Fashion as the New Normal

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Vinti Andrews is Effortlessly Revamping Locally Inspired and Re-Purposed Fashion as the New Normal

Vinti Andrews Spring Summer 2021

In search of creativity during the lockdown, most designers and fashion labels have found inspiration closer to home than ever before – and Vinti Andrews is no exception. Drawn to the British seaside and freed from the ongoing pressure of a new season being just around the corner, the label has gone to extra lengths in maintaining their sustainable and rebellious ethos for Spring/Summer 2021.

Vinti Andrews Spring Summer 2021 London Fashion Week Film

Set in Torquay, the collection becomes a vibrant element of a very quiet and still setting. With their funky characteristics (the pattern of a pair of ‘80s curtains re-imagined or the Nike logo visible on a repurposed dress), the garments become an ode to youth, pop culture, and messy summer days at the beach. The label has focused on incorporating such elements thorough sourcing recycled fabrics, leftover materials, and garments from charity shops. It was a joint effort between Vinti Tan and Paul Andrews to build a collection from – now arguably- nothing.

“We really had no budget, so everything was on table in regards to the creative process. We were thinking about what we could do with just what’s in front of us, and our surroundings,” said Vinti Tan.

Vinti Andrews SS21

The answer to all questions came when Torquay became the source of inspiration for the collection. Vinti said: “I grew up here, so I have many positive memories, yet also I could not wait to move to London. Seaside towns are some of the most deprived areas in the UK, there’s nothing going on culturally, so you really had to make up your own entertainment here, there were lots of free parties/raves in the woods at the time in the ‘90s.”

Vinti Andrews SS21

Rebellious and reminiscent of the party scene, the video production presenting the collection captures the secret energy that can be found in this remote area. Torquay as a theme and source of inspiration became truly an authentic choice when the label decided to work with an all-local cast and crew. Instead of dreamy snippets of the sea and passive models, intrigue and interest were created through juxtaposed loud music and distorted imagery. These elements complimented the mood of the clothes, which show rebellion and creativity, and are ready to wear by an environmentally conscious Gen Z muse.

Vinti Andrews SS21

The collection is also pioneering the way luxury is being viewed today by the younger generation. Re-purposed Christian Dior and Armani could be spotted among the clothes, which shows that labels are today less important. The designers are making a conscious decision to maintain the brand’s sustainability ethos rather than feeding into the logo and branding Instagram-filled frenzy. Reflecting on what the Vinti Andrews garments represent, Vinti said: “I think that the Armani mixed buffy T-shirt cocktail dress is my favourite, as it tries to bring totally different worlds and designs together – the idea of bringing mature ‘90s Italian lux high fashion together with US teen TV culture, and making something new.”

Vinti Andrews SS21

And while the collection and the brand’s attitude towards sustainability have always been more than clear, the pandemic could potentially amplify the brand’s commitment to waste reduction in the long run.

“I think I will be less inclined to follow the track paths of seasons in fashion,” said Vinti.

Words and Interview by Emilia Roman


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