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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Between Hydrangeas and Electro-pop, Vera Blue Brings us ‘Lie to Me’

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Between Hydrangeas and Electro-pop, Vera Blue Brings us ‘Lie to Me’

Vera Blue, Lie to Me
Vera Blue, Lie to Me

The Australian queen brings us the video clip of ́Lie to Me ́, a rethink production directed by Sydneys Onil Kotian and visuals from Felipe Posada.

After the release of the song in her Youtube Music Sessions, the indie-pop singer re-thought her idea of the video clip due to the restriction and new parameters of the global pandemic. And as a result, gave us a creative visual video full of colours and vintage pieces.

The song has been produced and co-written by Andy and Thom Mak and the clip was directed by Kotian who has recently worked with the Baker Boys and Julia Stone with the animation of the Brooklyn artist, Barclay. This shimmering pop track includes graphic landscapes of ruins, marbled statues, flowers, mythical figures, a play of lights and symbols that transfer us to an alternative dimension.

Vera Blue- Lie to Me (Official Video)

́Lie to Me ́ is about the insecurity you feel when starting a new relationship after a failed relationship. Of the doubts and confusions, we feel for that person who is about to open a new opportunity in our lives and our hearts, as Blue declares to the press, “then you suddenly fall into one, and the fear and mistrust can be overwhelming: ‘ is this as amazing as it seems – or is it going to blow up in my face again? ‘”

With her feminine voice and deep echo, with poetic and thoughtful lyrics, between electro-pop soundscapes, Blue presents us a production of creative visuals out of the ordinary between “natural” graphic settings and a mirror room that signifies her search in it. herself for the security and response of her love insecurities, “Would you lie to me? Like you’ve done so many times He’ll say goodbye to me If you’re there by my side Just a flicker in the light Catch the corner of my eye Give me any reason why ̈.

This versatile beauty with long, red, and wavy hair shows us her beauty with a pretty indie baby blue dress with pleated lace, like those predicted by Vogue and the new Zara collection for A / W 2020. And with style slick back hair with an autumn green top of puff sleeves along with the trendy golden hoops, its unique shades of pastel colours with touches and Orange tangerine lips that make her belong to the alternative landscapes between hydrangeas and golden sculptures of its production.

This girl who reached fame on The Voice and is now part of the American Republic Records label, whether with folk or pop, still has a lot to make us think and reflect with her deep and poetic lyrics, we will be pending and we will not abandon you, Vera.

Words by Cami Martinez


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