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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Top 10 Nail Artists To Follow in 2021!

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Top 10 Nail Artists To Follow in 2021!

While our daily routines may have slowed down, the nail artist community has been going full-throttle with creativity and the constant stream of new trends don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. We’ve spied alienware avant garde, cable knit and crocodile texturing, and an endless variety of intricate artwork—not to mention the reinvention of the French manicure, with artists now favouring pastels, adornments, and Versace. 

There’s been a shift from the humble manicure into something closer to an art installation, with artists pushing the boundaries even further by altering our perception through their work. And whether you’re looking for home DIY inspiration or saving up references for your next salon appointment, here are the hottest nail art profiles you need to be following in 2021.

Photo credit: @sojinails
Photo credit: @sojinails
  1. Staticnailsofficial

Reusable pop-on manicures have never looked so chic with these non-toxic lacquers ranging in soft neutral hues, elegant metallics, and powdery pastels. Their feed is overflowing with polished designs and luxurious self-care—think champagne, candles, and bubble baths—perfect for the winter lockdown blues.

2. @moskvichka_nails

Enviably evocative, each design is exquisitely executed with hints of art deco and geometric minimalism—confessing that, “we want to popularise the direction of nail design. Talk about trends, new techniques and the most modern manicure products.” And with each post, it’s clear to see how they want to turn manicures into art. 

3. @michelleclassnails

Celebrity manicurist Michelle Class, has a seemingly endless supply of fresh inspiration on her page—ranging from cable knit French-tips to abstract linework, all the way to plaid and marbling effects. A real box of tricks to choose from, and she even has easy-to-follow tutorials for those wanting to try her designs at home. 

4. @finessenails_london

Nothing is off the table for this celebrity manicurist, with lavishly *extra* designs for the baddest and bougiest out there. We’re seeing everything from iridescent butterflies to Rihanna inspired bondage—the creativity is next level and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

5. @sojinails

Inspired by nature, this page is simply one you cannot miss. With every design is a new installation, whether it be underwater coral reefs, 3D ethereal fungi, or seaweed shells made with real shells from Morro Bay, there is an element of the unexpected and the unapologetically alien. Luckily, we don’t have to attempt these ourselves as custom stick-ons can be made to order. Phew. 

6. @emilyroselansley

A breath of fresh air can be the best way to describe the content on this beauty-infused page, as we scroll past island resort-ready mani’s and pedi’s that have us avidly screenshotting for when summer finally comes around again. Simple yet beautiful, it’s no wonder this manicurist is a favourite between celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff and Gal Gadot during her second premiere as Wonder Woman. 

7. @nail_unistella

Park Eunkyung presents us with a flood of imagination alongside some of the biggest names in fashion—think Nike, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel. But it’s not just the fashion labels that have us enticed, oh no. It’s the use of unconventional materials and abstract vision to keep pushing boundaries that gives her work an indescribable edge to stand out amongst the crowd.  

8. @drybylondon

Nail and hair studio ‘Dry By London’ offer us the royal treatment with their elegantly poised designs fit for a Duchess—quite literally the official hand behind Megan Markle’s royal wedding manicure, we can expect only the best from these modern purveyors of luxury. Not only exquisite for daily wear, but this studio is also ideal for any bride-to-be. 

9. @chaunlegend

Nail artist to the stars and long-time favourite of Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, Chaun is undoubtedly ahead of the game when it comes to the biggest nail trends of the moment—proven by the abundance of bubble-gum graffiti and killer claws adorning his mesmerising feed, with the occasional mario kart nail for Christina Aguilera and tropical sunrise for Madonna. 

10. @fuegonailsldn

An electrifying acid trip meets 90s nostalgia, Fuego Nails have energised nail art to the point of female empowerment by fusing their passion for manicure design with that of political change. Experience lime green flames, modern gothic revival, and religious adornments when scrolling through Fuego’s posts, although we can’t guarantee you’ll be the same once you’re done. Step into their world even further by watching their ‘Women of Fire’ short film below. 

Words by Vinona Baines


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