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5 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team Tommy Genesis returns with her new album, “goldilocks x”

5 days ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Tommy Genesis returns with her new album, “goldilocks x”

Canadian self acclaimed “fetish rapper” Tommy Genesis released her new album “goldilocks x”. The album is a gateway to celebrating womanhood in an audacious yet inward looking way, showing us the heart behind her fierce persona. The record was executively produced by Lil Rich and Genesis herself, and featured production from talents such as Good Times Ahead, the Martinez Brothers, Charlie Heat, Stelios and more.

Speaking on the album, Genesis says; “Goldilocks is that feeling when things feel “just right”. Like you’re entering a space that makes sense, you just can’t put your finger on why but it just does. You don’t know why you like it but you do. The X is the unknown factor, the experimental element, the punk.”

This is Genesis’ first LP since 2018, and will be the soundtrack to the goldilocks x World Tour in 2022, with dates scheduled across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Russia.

Earlier this year Genesis released “Peppermint”, the lead single for her new album, which has gone on to gain over a million streams. The song is immediately identifiable, with her signature laid back vocal performance, yet keeping listeners captivated with the jaw-dropping suggestive lyricism.

“I always play with being in control and being super dominant and being really submissive, and even with the hook in peppermint where it’s like ‘I’m the type to take your money, take your soul, I leave no fingerprint. It’s also about saying whatever the fuck I want, like, I didn’t really plan it, I just sat down and wrote it.” Says Genesis.

This cool and outspoken attitude is further explored in the album’s second release, “a woman is a god”. The track brings a sound reminiscent of Azealia Banks’ “212″, which can be taken as a compliment, as Billboard enlisted “212” as a song that defined the last decade. With the feminism sparked lyrics, the cool demeanour and slick production, “a woman is a god” encapsulates the sound of Genesis’ latest album, leaving any lovers of expressive feminine hip-hop a safe place to explore.

To further excite fans and accompany her album’s release, Tommy brought out an avant-garde visualiser for “a woman is a god” – check out the video.

Words by Nadia Clasper


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