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Tick Tock is On Our Mind 24/7: The New Release from Mabel, Clean Bandit & 24KGoldn

Clean Bandit, Mabel, 24KGoldn images via @cleanbandit on Twitter, @mabel on Instagram

After her successful collaboration with AJ Tracey in ́West Ten ́, Mabel brings us another catchy song in the company of her British friends Clean Bandit.

́Tick Tock ́ is a song that easily can stay on our mind 24/7. It's a mix between the R&B of Mabel and the electro-pop from the multi-platinum, GRAMMY-winning group, Clean Bandit, The video clip, full of pastel and light tones with creative visuals and cool digital design creates a dance melody that encourages us to dance at the rhythm of the hands of the clock in the middle of a forest of glaciers and inside a cuckoo house with multiple crazy stages.

Clean Bandit and Mabel- Tick Tock (feat. 24kGoldn) Official Video

This fun project is the first official release of the group since 2018 and has been produced by the band and written by them, Mabel and Kamille. Every colourful space is full of fun and extravagant obsessions that the members of the band have, their favourite items or crazy fascinations to live in. A dream room full of popcorn, cities in cardboard, trains, and music instruments, accompanied by a lyric about a boy obsession by the Brit Awarded artist, Mabel.

Her unique voice makes us confident of her secret obsession, thinking 24/7 on him, and like the song, who didn't have a crush like this right? Featuring 24KGoldn, the American rapper bring move hip hop rhythms with a lot of golden style, creating an exceptional electro-pop melody full of desire, dance movements, and joy.

Clean Bandit, Mabel, 24KGoldn images via @cleanbandit on Twitter, @mabel on Instagram, @24kgoldn Instagram

Mabel in her dynamic utility fashion brown leather set and rose gold corset top, giving style to the choreography with her long dye hair, very 20/20 summer style. Plus her complicit facial emotions with golden touches and steps that make the tick tock tick tock beat increase our dance vibes.

Grace with pastel pink dye hair in the middle of a popcorn tub or with her unrivaled talent, elegant and classic, with a rose platinum cello. And the guys, exploring their musical talent in the middle of drums, fishes and digital pianos, giving electronic sounds and beats to the melody. Our platinum boy, 24KGoldn, with a smart disco- pastel pink outfit, and his distinguished braids surrounded by luxurious gold jewels to envy.

The video was released before the weekend, and we're pretty sure we will continue reciting the song for another couple of hours or days! We already got all of you in our minds guys, so please, we want more hours of fun together! Words by Cami Martinez

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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