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3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team This Glass Accessory Is Emerging As The 2022 Bag To Beat

3 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

This Glass Accessory Is Emerging As The 2022 Bag To Beat

Glass isn’t a material you’ll see designers often use. Its perceived impracticality means
clothing and accessory designers have strayed from using the fragile material in their
designs, instead opting for safe silks and sturdy chiffon. But, judging by the Instagram posts
and Grammy looks of the world’s biggest celebrities this week, glass could be making its
debut as the new ‘it’ material of the fashion industry in 2022.

Posing to her millions of followers at the press day of the Kardashian’s new show, Kylie
Jenner posed in what first appeared as an ordinary stripped back look, but after scrolling
through the post it’s hard to ignore Kylie carrying the translucent, devil horned accessory by
Coperni X Heven that is anything but ordinary. The bag is the brainchild of Parisian fashion
label Coperni in collaboration with Heven (a Brooklyn- based glassmaker), it’s made entirely
from glass and features an abstract horn-shaped design. The bag was first debuted at
Coperni’s FW22 show, where model Gigi Hadid donned the clear accessory with a pink
gown. Since then, celebrities have been making the case for the glass accessory as the bag
of the year.

On the Grammys red carpet last week, singers Doja Cat and Tinashe coordinated the
accessory with their award show gowns. Doja Cat’s Versace look was finished with Coperni’s
blue ombre glass purse. Meanwhile, Tinashe contrasted her pink GCDS gown with the
label’s red bag. Both stars’ ability to match their look so elegantly with the bag speaks to the
diverse and universal nature of the accessory.

But, we know what you’re thinking, what good is a bag if I can’t use it? Surprisingly, the
accessory is made to be completely practical. In an interview with i-D, Peter Dupont (one
half of Heven’s founder duo) argued for the accessory’s practical use. He claimed, ‘our
pieces always have functionality… you can put your phone in it, your wallet, it even doubles
as a vase’- talk about getting your money’s worth! The bag’s practicality has already been
put to the test, Kylie Jenner’s purse was stuffed with lipsticks from her own cosmetics line
while Doja Cat filled hers with candy (so we can rest assured it fits the essentials).

It’s not just the celebrity sphere that is in favour of the look though. After fashion bible
publications like Vogue deemed the accessory ‘the hottest bag in the world’ this week, don’t
be surprised if this becomes the 2022 bag to beat.

Words By Olivia Booth

Photo Credits Coperni Instagram


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