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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team These Accessories Will Seriously Elevate Your Outfits This Spring

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

These Accessories Will Seriously Elevate Your Outfits This Spring

Photo Credit: @corrinaday/@mershymode

Accessories have always been an important part of fashion but in Spring 2021 there is no excuse to neglect details. The upcoming trends emerging afford the perfect opportunity to optimise an outfit with statement and subtle accessories to complete a cohesive look. Majority of SS21 Accessories are all about colour and liveliness. Whether that be incorporating a fun pop of colour into cute chunky rings, dainty mini bags, rimless shades or hair clips. Or choosing to opt for subtler trends such as head scarfs and belly chains. SS21 trends encompass a variety of choices to jazz up your style, ready to welcome back the wardrobe.

Pop Rings

Colourful, wild and wacky rings are taking the stage in SS21, no more minimalist jewellery; your hands are going to be the conversation starter with the new pop rings. Instagram is full of celebrities and influencers such as Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain flashing these gorgeous statement rings, each individual piece unique and playful. The colours can be co-ordinated with nail polish, gels and acrylics; hence it is a super cute accessory to play around with all Spring/Summer, changing up your style and letting your hands complement your looks.

Phone Charms

The SS21 phone charm trend are the perfect accessory to elevate a classic mirror selfie. With its beaded nature, it gives big Y2K vibes, reminding me of old school DIY projects. Conveniently, creating these charms could actually be a productive use of a lockdown life, crafting some sweet phone charms adds a little personality and individuality to your phone.

Hair Clips

High-end fashion houses such as Prada have brought out hair clips, initiating a return to these cute and pretty accessories. Like the phone charms, snap clips bring back primary school memories of girly details, a bonus to their sweet look is that they act in practical ways to push back baby hairs and overgrown fringes. This accessory is a great way to dress up a look when your make up is minimal.

Rimless Sunglasses

Rimless Sunglasses are such a look for SS21, their lightness in colour and lack of boarder means they do not dominate your face; they create a much softer appeal. They can also come in shield forms, which look futuristic and modern, really heightening contemporary trends.

Belly Chains and Chain Belts

Adding a belly chain to a bikini completes an outfit. It a simple way to show you have a keen eye for detail and it can elevate your look to a luxury, polished vision. Not only are belly chains for bare skin; chain belts are big in SS21. A golden chain wrapped around your waist transform a previously clunky item into a delicate statement piece. It does not distract the eye in a bold and jarring way, it reflects and glistens in sunlight adding subtly whilst you glow with confidence.

Mini Bags

Mini bags are not just for Stormi Jenner… they are for adults too. Brands such as Jacquemus and Balenciaga have the cutest range of mini bags, which look so sophisticated and dainty. Because they are such small items, it can be really fun to experiment with colour, for the bag is not dominating. Although they aren’t the most practical of things, it is 2021; we are the era of contactless payments in
a nearly cashless society. All we need is a phone, ID and a card, hence, these style of bags can definitely fit the essentials. The compromise is totally worth it when your bag looks that good.

Head Scarfs

The silk material of a headscarf creates an angelic and effortless feel for this accessory. One of the key features as to why head scarfs are such a great trend this year is their championing of versatility. Not only can you look like a goddess with the scarf wrapped around your head, they can be used like a bobble to tie your hair up and they can look chic styled as a top. This trend is a savvy option to invest in, for they can be styled in multiple different ways to create several outfits.

Words By Theodora Wood


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