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1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Winners Of The British Fashion Council Changemakers Prize

1 week ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Winners Of The British Fashion Council Changemakers Prize

The winners of the BFC Changemakers Prize in Partnership with Swarovski have been announced! The prize honours unsung heroes, nominated by friends, colleagues, and employers who notice the positive change each individual contributes within one of the three pillars of the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion: Environment, People, and Craftsmanship and Community. The three winners each receive a £7500 cash prize and a mentoring package.

Cyndia Harvey

Contributing towards the pillar of people, Cyndia Harvey won for her work as an international hairstylist. She has a vision for inclusive beauty, believing in change coming from the collective consciousness. In 2017, Cyndia created This Hair of Mine, a short film celebrating the history and beauty of afro hair. She researched the heritage of individual women of African descent, before styling their hair in a modern interpretation. Her short film emphasized the communicable connections, through tradition, between women who are currently living globally.

John Hickling

For his sustainable practices, John Hickling was awarded the prize for environmental contributions. Stemming from a passion for reselling charity shop purchases, John has expanded his vintage and revamped clothing shop, Glass Onion in South Yorkshire into an eCommerce store. Glass Onion is growing into a business that only ‘remakes’ vintage clothing, reusing the mass amount of clothing currently in circulation.

Andrew Kenny

Working within the community and craftsmanship, Andrew Kenny has been awarded for his contributions to it. He continues the craft of traditional embroidery skills as the owner of The London Embroidery Studio in London. He merges historical techniques with cutting-edge embroidery machines to create innovative, bespoke creations. His ownership of the studio occurs alongside running courses for the local community.

Words by Caitlin Sahin

Photo Credits: British Fashion Council


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