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4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Hairstyles You Need to Be Experimenting with This Spring

4 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Hairstyles You Need to Be Experimenting with This Spring

Photo Credit: @ChiVirgo

It’s true that your hair can be a statement piece for almost any look. Whether you want to experiment with different styles, embrace your natural locks or add cool accessories, we’ve got you covered. Taking a look at the trends this season it’s clear that creativity is key. From bangs and messy buns to braids and pig tails – there’s something for everyone.

Messy Bun

It’s finally made its long-awaited return, embrace your Tumblr girl roots with this simple but effortlessly chic style. Perfect for hotter days when having your hair down is not an option and even a ponytail is too much. This look can easily become your go-to because it’s easy and versatile; dress it up like Kylie or match it with your comfiest attire, either work.

Wraparound High Ponytail

You know that feeling when you have no hair ties to hand? Frustrating, right. Well look no further because this look makes the sassy high ponytail extra functional – just use your hair. Khloe Kardashian is innovating solutions to our biggest hair problems and making it look bomb, too. Just wrap your hair around in a tight loop and watch the magic happen. A natural solution to one of the easiest, most fashionable styles.


Want a look that is bound to turn heads? Take a look at Chi Virgo’s bold and beautiful take on braids. This look combines the messy bun with plaits, a combo we’ve been sleeping on. Although the process may take time, it’s worth it. Add this style to your hair itinerary and have a one up on everyone.

Half Up Half Down

Sometimes you can’t decide whether you want your hair up or down – so why not have both at the same time? In a simple sweep you can split your hair up, this look leaves you with the same free feeling of having your hair up and the glam energy of letting it down. Experiment with the details – you could put the ‘up’ half in a small bun or even a ponytail. Style it like Kristen and slick it all back or leave two strands at the front. The choice is yours.


Someone call the 90s because we’re going back in time. Let’s face it, 2021 is all about tapping into our roots and we’ve seen trends from all decades making a return. One of the most prominent looks is bangs. Layers can add that extra oomph to your natural hair and Bebe Rexha is showing us just how good they can look. Stand out this spring and channel cool 90s Rockstar vibes with little to no styling needed, just let them be.

Side Bangs

Experiment with your parting and try out this side bang look, all the baddies are doing it. Gen Z is fully embracing the y2k trends and this can elevate your look to a T. Simple and so easy to pull off, wear it just as it is or make it extra and add a scrunchie.


Cute but cool, pigtails are bound to rejuvenate the days of your youth while standing out from the crowd. Sometimes putting your hair in a ponytail isn’t enough, all you need to try out this look is an extra hair tie. Although simple, this can make any look bold. Channel your inner Baby Spice and keep it clean or switch it up like Saweetie and add braids.

Space Buns

Whether you either love it or you hate it, this y2k trend is back and better than ever – and we’re here for it. What’s great about this style is that it can look good when it’s messy, meaning there’s no stress involved. Let those strands fly and look super cute this spring.


Timeless and sleek, balayage is the perfect way to introduce highlights into your hair with no damage. We love how natural it is and simultaneously stylish. Hailey Bieber shows us how it can work with blonde hair – but if you’re feeling something funkier this look can work with ALL the colours, go crazy. 

Clips and Scarves

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your do then look no further than these two trending accessories. A silk scarf can make your outfit go to insta-worthy in one simple step, just tie it around an up or down look – a perfect addition for any occasion. For a cuter, ditsy vibe clip you hair up – this trend makes business chic look cool and can elevate any outfit.

Bubble Hair

Be one step ahead of everyone this season and try out this bubble hair trend. All you need are a few extra hair ties to embellish your pig tails with. Keep it simple or accessories to the max with some funky colours and shapes. This look is bound to get you compliments.

Simply Straight

Want to keep it simple? Go for the timeless trend, straight. A look which can be achieved easily for every hair type with a good pair of straighteners. Sleek and sultry, be ready for any occasion this spring. We know that maintaining this look can be difficult – use heat protection sprays and rejuvenating oils to keep the gloss all day long.

Word by Natasha Legge


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