The Boy Beat: Androgyny at Acne

Man I feel like a woman...

Men’s fashion week flirted with femininity (an incorporation of the unisex direction that fashion is continuing to head in); SS20 MFW provided an array of soft men’s blouses at Loverboy and Fendi, delicate pastels at Louis Vuitton, and Monet-inspired floral dreams at Jacquemus and Off-White. The Acne Studios’ show was certainly no exception to a Shakespearean-subversion and play of gender-bending, as the collection played with feminine utilitarian wear; florals, and vibrant pastels, juxtaposed by leather trousers, chain jewellery, and airplane style belts (very Virgil).

Acne weren’t afraid to create a beauty look to handsomely mirror this – a Boy Beat.

Clean, clear skin, bushy brushed-up-brows, and wispy Twiggy-style lashes; complete with delicately middle-parted straight hair tucked behind ears, it was a robustly feminine beauty look that celebrated both archetypal male and female features.

The term ‘Boy Beat’, which was coined by Instagram influencer Sarah Cheung, is the epitome of Acne Studios’ male beauty look. Originally inspired by Sir John’s makeup look on Beyoncé for her ‘Formation’ video which was an “androgynous way” of looking at makeup, blurring lines between looking traditionally feminine and masculine, Sarah created her viral YouTube tutorial. (Watch it here)

Androgynous makeup has always been a look synonymous with pop-culture and those daring to be different; with Prince, Bowie, Grace Jones, Tilda Swinton, and Twiggy all playing with elements of both sexes.

So this summer ladies, let's play with our more masculine side..

How to get Acne Studios’ MFW 2020 look –

Perfect for those toned down days at work, or stinkingly hot weather:

1. Apply Dior’s ‘Backstage Face and Body Foundation’ all over as light base. As a water-based foundation, Dior’s ‘Backstage’ can be thinned out to perfect the skin tone, but show those important imperfections that create the effortlessness of a boy beat.

2. Apply a Fenty Beauty ‘Match Stix’ in your contour shade (‘Amber’ - Light Skin, ‘Mocha’ – Medium Skin, ‘Truffle’ – Tan Skin, ‘Espresso’ – Deep Skin) in the hollows of the cheeks, through the eye socket, and along the jaw line to get an androgynous chisel.

3. Follow with Glossier’s ‘Boy Brow’ applied vigorously onto brows to get Acne’s full-bodied brow. Then apply lashings Pat McGrath’s FetishEyes Mascara for robust volume to achieve that perfectly juxtaposed masculine feminine look.

If you want to go the extra mile, dot Eylure individual lashes along the bottom lash line for that 60’s Twiggy look.

4. Finally, smooth hair into a middle part using GHD straighteners and follow with Colour WOW ‘Dream Coat Supernatural Spray’ which will eliminate any stray frizz and wispies, for soft Scandi-style hair.

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