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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Blendiful: Tati Westbrook’s New Product Launch

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Blendiful: Tati Westbrook’s New Product Launch

Tati Westbrook and her new product, 'The Blendiful'
Tati Westbrook and her new product, ‘The Blendiful’

On January 9th, fans were shocked by Tati Westbrook’s new product launch. Since the success of her Textured Neutrals Volume 1 palette, fans were anticipating another luxury makeup item for their vanities. By everyone’s surprise, the dual-company CEO chose a new route of beauty: pro makeup tools. As a product designed for both professional makeup artists and makeup lovers alike, Tati’s Blendiful is here to cease intimidation and promote user-friendly, high-end techniques for everyday glam.

The Blendiful is a product Westbrook has hinted at perfecting countless times in her past videos – over the last few years, the beloved beauty guru has tried several similar tools, that just didn’t quite conquer perfectly chiselled cheekbones. However, sculpting and shaping the face is not all the Blendiful is marketed to do; Westbrook promotes the product as a full-face makeup application. Meaning, the tool complements both powders and liquids and ensures seamless, smooth coverage. So, from primer to all-over-the-face powdering, the Blendiful might just find its way between your favourite makeup brush and Beauty Blender.

At 18 dollars USD, the Tati Beauty website markets the Blendiful as “the makeup applicator you didn’t know you needed” and although Westbrook went to Instagram to share that she did not sell out on launch day, many reviews seem to be in the Blendiful’s favour.

Both PR package receivers and first-in-line customers shared reviews on Youtube regarding the makeup industry’s new blending tool. Technical aspects of the applicator were praised, as many beauty lovers were overjoyed with its flawless patting, pressing, and shaping.

Despite the Blendiful taking fans by surprise, the optimism swarming its release is burgeoning a new love for the multi-use product. From its minimal waste as a machine-washable item to its line-free application, the beauty community is undergoing an exciting time of bridging the gap between the pros and the amateurs.

Words by Sydney Luntz

Graphics by Katie Janes

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