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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team The Arm Candy Edit: The Best Bags For SS21

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

The Arm Candy Edit: The Best Bags For SS21

Since 2021 gave us the amber light for summer plans, we can finally make use of the summer wardrobe that was limited to the inside of four walls last year. With the days warming up and the possibility of summer outings increasing with it, we’ve compiled a rundown of this summer’s handbag trends so you can keep your accessories on-trend all summer long. 


Showing up in the SS21 collections of Hermes, Givenchy, and Jil Sander, the sleek, dynamic triangular, or otherwise known as the two-fold bag is one of the top trending bags this summer. The perfect addition to a simple full-length summer dress or a light cotton shirt and tailored trouser ensemble, the triangular bag in its almost office-like beauty brings a sleek, sophisticated dynamic to your summer wardrobe. 


Though they’ve made a regular appearance in many a Spring/Summer trend throughout history, the market bag is even more of a just-have this year. The string shopper bags always have a home on the summery streets of Italy, France, and Spain in many a movie, which is why adding it to your summer ‘21 wardrobe is ideal for giving yourself those holiday outfit vibes we’ve all been missing out on. Though your summer plans may be restricted to local towns and beaches, the shopper bag can help bring a holiday-like vibe to your outfit, not to mention it’s the perfect accessory to dress down any summer outfit and make you look like you’ve stepped out of a Pinterest board.

Mini Jacquemus 

The mini Jacquemus purse trend is one of our favourites, and a real ode to the iconic miniature handbag Lizzo took to the American Music Awards. The Jacquemus mini bags have taken over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds in all their different colours, and they’re the perfect pop of colour to our Spring/Summer outfits. Either casually strapped across the body or handheld for a chic-er look, their plain but colourful designs are ideal for matching up with almost any of your summer outfits.


Crocheted garments have made a huge return for this summer, from dresses and two pieces to trousers, even sweeping up accessories up with it. Crocheted bags are the go-to beach bag this summer. Whether it matches your all-out crocheted outfit (like the Chanel ‘21 crocheted skirt), or whether it’s one simple crochet addition to your summer ensemble, it’s ideal for keeping your look cool and casual.


The revival of the ‘90s and ‘00s wear are all the rage in every aspect of our wardrobes right now, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Sticking around for another summer, the miniature shoulder bags ever popular in the late ‘90s to early ‘00s are a summer wardrobe must-have for 2021. Specifically in Nylon, thanks to Prada who relaunched their hit ‘90s bags this year, the bags are ideal for matching with almost any outfit, and due to their popularity, you should be able to pick one up in just about any colour. 

Words By Megan Selway


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