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10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Swimwear Trends We’ll Be Wearing This Summer

10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Swimwear Trends We’ll Be Wearing This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and we are so excited for an excuse to live in our swimsuits all day! We’ve found the hottest swimwear trends that will be all over our Instagram feeds this summer, like personalising your swimsuit, layering up on accessories, and epic tan-line-inducing styles: 

Bold prints


Bold prints are a summer staple when it comes to swimwear. Match your print to the place you’re vacationing in, or just find something that speaks to you. Bonus points if you have a matching set! 



The opposite of bold prints, monochromatic swimwear never goes out of style, but with the rise of trends like ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘stealth wealth’, expect to see simple colours with accessories taking the spotlight.



Charms are an easy way to spice up your swimwear! If you can’t find a bikini that comes with them, just find some cool designs and attach them yourself. It is a really cool way to personalise your swimsuit and can be switched up as often as you want!

Open-front swimwear


This style of bathing suit is perfect if you like the shape of a one-piece but still want to tan your stomach. It also gives you an hourglass silhouette, and a halter-neck style like this one is very on trend in 2023, channelling the early 2000s.

See-through cover-ups


One of the top trends of 2023 so far is the naked dress, so it is no surprise that swimwear plays into the style. While most people wouldn’t go to dinner or a club in just their bikini, layering a see-through mesh or crochet dress over the top completely transforms the look into a party-ready outfit.

Cutout swimwear


Coutout clothing is so trendy right now and has been seen everywhere, from the runway to the high street, or both (think Mugler x HM)! This is definitely a style for influencers, as although it is really flattering, it can produce some very abstract tan lines— you have been warned!



This style is super unique but is a really cool and unusual look that will definitely turn heads this summer. Of course, layering is an essential part of street style, but is not really something we often see in swimwear. If you can’t find a swimsuit designed with a layered look like this one, get creative and transform two pieces to create your own!



Metallic fabrics are one of the biggest trends of 2023 and are perfect in summer as they reflect the light and make your tan pop. Whether you go for a classic gold or silver hue or opt for a brighter pink or green, a metallic swimsuit is essential this summer!

Asymmetric lines


Asymmetric hems and cutouts have dominated the runway this past season and are a great way to spice up your poolside looks. This contemporary take on a traditional swimsuit keeps it classic but adds that 2023 vibe.



A great alternative to a simple bathing suit is one that features a bit of texture. Whether it is ruching, lettuce edges, or shirring, these small details can add so many layers to your look.



In past years, we have seen metallic and beaded belly chains, but we didn’t see actual belts coming into trend with swimwear. While it is a totally impractical addition, it is so summery and plays into the summer trend of coastal cowgirls. Just imagine this look complete with cowboy boots! 

Words by Lucy Walshe

Header Image by @juliedelaplaya


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