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11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Spotting 8 Female Streetwear Influencers To Inspire Your Style

11 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Spotting 8 Female Streetwear Influencers To Inspire Your Style

When it comes to streetwear, we all know it’s a male-dominated industry. However, there are brave women out there who are breaking barriers and making it more female-oriented. Influencers, designers, stylists, or simply digital creators have played a huge role in creating a subculture of streetwear for women. Whether you’re looking for style/daily outfits, inspiration or just a way to improve your Instagram feed, we got you! Here are some influencers we think are worth looking at:

Kim Duong 

Founder of the clothing brand ‘Blackdope’, Kim is one of the most insta-famous streetwear influencers out there today. With over 1 million followers, the fashionista takes streetwear to another level. She wears menswear pieces and makes them feminine in a way no one else does. Kim Doung rocks the latest sneakers with everyone’s favourite designer handbags. Always minimalistic and sexy, she proves you can wear whatever you want as long as you embrace it. Her swag is just out of this world! 

Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki Yang Zhang is a multi-talented content creator. She’s mostly known for her daring style and face painting. Not only is she super stylish but she’s also extremely artsy. The German-born artist not only uses her face as a medium to portray her Chinese heritage but also to elevate her fashion sense. Her feed is mostly colour coordinated and always has a theme. Her hair, make-up, and nails are experimental and a central aspect to her outfits – making her a perfect example of constant self-exploration and self-expression. In an interview with Dazed 100, she shared what inspires her work: “I love to mix western and eastern elements together, show what I’ve seen and learned from each side of the world I grew up in.” Kicki is killing it! 

Jess Lawrence

The London-based Instagram influencer is truly changing streetwear culture. Mainly focused on sneakers and streetwear brands, Jess creates content that reflects a new generation of young women who are just as present as men in the urban scene. In an article she wrote for Vogue, she shared: “My love of sneakers originated with my love of basketball. I come from a basketball-mad family, all of whom wear coveted sneakers.” Therefore, her style is tomboy-chic with a predominant basketball/hip-hop aesthetic. She tends to wear bright colours in contrasting combinations and always has matching accessories. For all we know, she might be London’s coolest girl, so definitely check her out!

Alani Figueroa

With an Insta feed that screams New York fashion and swag, Alani Figueroa is a true trendsetter. The Brooklyn-based content creator is known for her edgy streetstyle and unique sense of fashion. Her outfits are always fun, colourful and eye-catching. She combines streetwear with high fashion so well, it’s literally perfect. Alani’s sense of colour coordination and attention to detail comes across in every single post. Her artistic nails and makeup looks are always striking and reflect her individuality.

Barbara Malewicz

Previously recognised for her late 90s aesthetic, Barbara Malewicz is a Parisian stylist, blogger and streetwear guru. She worked with brands such as Hypebae and Asos, but also as an editor for WAD magazine. A while back she changed her Instagram aesthetic. She opted for a feed focused on themes rather than outfits only. From what we’ve seen, Barbara posts content that is centred around a colour palette or a type of clothing. Her page almost looks like a mood board, which is perfect for those who follow her for inspiration. Her work is stunning and well-rounded. 

Feng Fan 

Influencer Feng Fan is a reflection of China’s nouveau riche obsession with luxury logos and streetwear drops. Born in Changzhou, the content creator is known for combining ’90s aesthetics and today’s current trends in a unique manner. She mixes high fashion pieces with streetwear brands in eccentric ways. In an interview with Vogue, she described her style as “usually minimal, street and more mixed…I often think about diversifying a little to break thought and find some freshness”.  Her Instagram feed truly depicts Chinese streetwear trends, but with a touch of Parisian-chic. Every look and every detail of her style sensational! 

Jaennelle Vergonio 

Jaennelle Vergonio, known as Jnel on IG, is a content creator and entrepreneur. Her work on social media reflects her inherent interest in streetwear and styling. With looks that are based on bold colours, prints and graphics, her posts are always matched to perfection. She is very much into sneakers and designer bags, elevating her looks by wearing unusual pieces together. She is also the designer behind all the accessories she wears. Her motto is that “they’re the cherry on top!” If you want to be bold, brave and stand out like Jaenelle check out her work!  


Khulud is a London-based influencer who creates modest fashion looks that are giving us Hypebae vibes and London swag. Her style is comfy tomboy, she usually wears off tracksuits, cargos and hoodies and occasionally body fitted tops. We might not know much about her as she is not as active as other influencers, but what we do know is that she’s effortlessly cool. If you’re looking for more relaxed style inspiration and want to elevate your modest fashion, have a look at her fits! 

Words by Alexandra Yassin

Photo Credit: @fengfan_x


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