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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team SIMONE ROCHA X H&M: A Poetic Love Affair Between High-Street and High-End

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

SIMONE ROCHA X H&M: A Poetic Love Affair Between High-Street and High-End

Photo Credit: Simone Rocha, Ben Toms

Pearls and thrills and florals. Simone Rocha’s collections are a Pandora’s box of decadence: luxe pieces oozing with rich, exuberant textures and extravagant cuts. Simone Rocha is a feast for the eyes, an opulent spread of sumptuous fashion. This is why we could not be more excited for H&M’s latest designer collaboration.  Get out your diary, magic through the months and circle 11th March – the release date of the Simone Rocha x H&M. 

No matter how much our hearts desire, often Rocha’s pieces are beyond our budget and many of us are excluded from her delightful world of dreams. However, H&M has ensured we weep no more, their latest announcement promising Rocha’s personality without the high price tag. Said to have spent time ‘reflecting on and recrafting her brand’s archive’, we can expect an overarching collection from this collaboration, a contemporary love child between the old, beloved pieces and new, unseen designs.      

For lovers of Bridgeton, this collection couldn’t have been timed better! The collection is delightfully predictable in that we can expect Rocha’s signature palette of cream, pink, red and black, yet simultaneously unpredictable since for the first time the brand is venturing out into menswear and kidswear. Rocha’s inclusivity echoes her desire for accessibility, designing her latest collection as a stepping-stone for everyone to enter her world. The H&M press release partially details this, telling us to expect ‘Delicate tulle dresses, tartan tailoring, beaded shirting, cable knits, outerwear such as trench coats and signature accessories like sparkling jewellery and pearl-embellished shoes’. 

Photo Credit: Simone Rocha

Beyond the (anticipated) explicit beauty of this collection, the concept of a high-end designer collaborating with a high-street shop is priceless for the fashion industry. Not only does it weave a new affordability into luxury fashion, it also paves the way for high-street (often fast) fashion pieces becoming more treasurable and unique. In sprinkling the high-street with her art, Simone Rocha is subtly breaking the barrier between ‘high’ and ‘low’ fashion, a process all fashion-lovers dreams are made of! 

Photo Credit: Simone Rocha, Amy Gwatkin

Until March 11th? We’ll be dreaming of Simone Rocha x H&M…  

Words by Hannah Emery


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