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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team September Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

September Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

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As quick as August flew by, September has come storming through. With a new month, comes new goals and an abundance of time. September is the time to claim new opportunities, good energy and healing! Keep reading, as Joanne Hope is here to deliver your zodiac’s journey of love, work and self-worth for this month! For bookings with Joanne, click here.

♈ Aries

A fruitful month is in store for you, Aries. Use your great wit and showcase your talents as September can bring new opportunities for you to explore, and exciting prospects that will appeal to your ambitious self. Even though you make everything look easy, you still need to make time for you and time for love – you will find any emotional chaos will clear as you delve more deeply into the many parts of your life and realise you are fulfilling your potential and your purpose now. If you are parenting, the boss, or a leader in some way it can come with a lot of responsibility, one of your qualities is ensuring fairness reigns and in a group situation whether it is with family or at work, it’s definitely invaluable.

Lucky Colour Black
Lucky Crystal Tourmaline

♉ Taurus

September for you, Taurus, will bring structure and solid ground. New projects will take off, so get ready to reap the rewards of all your good work. Your plans succeed and you can start moving forward with them. Don’t be disheartened if you have to change things a little, as you can adapt easily and will realise everything happens for a reason and works out even better than you expected. Love promises to be exciting and you will find a deeper connection with your partner and, if you are looking for love, an unexpected meeting can set your heart racing. You can enjoy the genuine attention you receive, let love be your guide.

Lucky Colour Gold
Lucky Crystal Tigers Eye

♊ Gemini

Being a generous soul is in your natural makeup, Gemini. This month requires your continued generosity towards your loved ones as you give them meaning and always help empower them to be happy and successful in life. It brings you great satisfaction and happiness to see that your good influence means that they are empowered. Purpose is important to you. On love matters, you are like Cupid, forever match-making, but this month romance is on the cards for you. Take a breath, and take it slowly, as Gemini can move forward with speed but, there is something quite spiritual about your connection. Taking your time, it is worthwhile.

Lucky Colour Blue
Lucky Crystal Jadeite

♋ Cancer

September promises to be eventful. Use faith as your guide and love as your compass, fate assists you as you reach for your dreams, and with a little sprinkle of luck, catch them. Emotional days are ahead as you choose between two worlds; the road to happiness is gained when you have the courage to truly follow your heart. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself and you know what you want, and with the stars backing you all the way to achieve it, you cannot lose. Activate your power to change things confidently and decisively then put it to the test, you will be happy with the results and will expand your horizons considerably.

Lucky Colour Pink
Lucky Crystal Rose quartz

♌ Leo

Smile and carry on, Leo, you are doing a marvellous job. This month sees you being blessed with autumnal abundance, helping you to get a grip on all the practical parts of your life that bring you stability and good luck. Stick with your vision and carry on regardless; others recognise your worth so you have nothing to prove. The natural position for the regal lion is always going to be a spectacular one. Love wants to show you a bit of romantic magic if you let it in, encouraging you to entertain the idea of what could be; you never know until you try. ‘Be a light unto the world’ is an expression that suits you as your ruling planet is the Sun so keep your positive outlook and everything will work out great.

Lucky Colour Orange
Lucky Crystal Carnelian

♍ Virgo

September is jam packed with things to do – its your birthday month and it’s going to keep you on your toes! Your personal goals are important to you, so setting a new normal in your life helps you organise the best routine to maintain a happy life. Making progress in your career always rests on the fact you are organised and ready to take the next step so, when you get the green light to move forward you can, easily. Love encourages you to share your feelings and express what you want from a relationship, helping you to understand what it is you really need and how to receive that. Loves powerful energy can make anything happen now.

Lucky Colour White
Lucky Crystal Quartz

♎ Libra

Libra, you are what we all need to be – well balanced with a creative outlook. Take a leap of faith this month, it is favourable to grasp opportunities as they arrive; by putting your best foot forward you are able to have the freedom to design your day with much more flexibility and this creates a more contented way of life. If you are dreaming of romance, then you are in luck as the planets combine to bring you some; heart flutter’s are a nice feeling to get used to. You can make serious changes this month as you are supported by the right people that want to see you happy and settled.

Lucky Colour Purple
Lucky Crystal Lepidolite

♏ Scorpio

A successful month for you, Scorpio – known for being the go-getter speaks volumes to those that matter. Career will always be important to you and so to create a master plan now will set realistic goals that are achievable and bring you success. If your heart is telling you to invest your love, then who are you to argue! You can find real love when you keep it real. Trust your intuitive connection, as you are closer to your heart’s desire than you think. The life you are building is coming along nicely and as they say, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, so enjoy this month.

Lucky Colour Green
Lucky Crystal Fluorite

♐ Sagittarius

Travel and the outdoors are well starred this month, giving you fresh ideas about the challenges you face when it comes to where you want to be with your life. Following a way of life that co exists with your principles is important to you and will have a beneficial effect, now and in your future. As you discover increased ways to be the captain of your fate, you will feel more secure and can make a lot of good progress. Love gets you passionately inspired to be as romantic as possible; embrace your feelings and let love guide the way. Try to open up more and enjoy all the attention you receive.

Lucky Colour Red
Lucky Crystal Jasper

♑ Capricorn

Down to earth and practical solutions are your specialty, Capricorn, you can be ahead of the competition and directly in line for successful promotion because of it. You always grasp the day with both hands and put your all into things so that is definitely going to get you everywhere now. Surround yourself with like minded people and relax in environments that nurture your inner soul. Love can help to bring out your dreamy side, so allow yourself to inhabit this romantic world as it brings you closer to someone that is very special – you can have and deserve a happy destiny.

Lucky Colour Grey
Lucky Crystal Magnatite

♒ Aquarius

This month you can rest assured you will find a way to improve your prospects; your energy is positive and gives you an extra boost of confidence. Important plans you have for your life will bring you satisfaction as they begin to take shape. Life is a journey and your fate and future very much lies in your hands now. Your inner circle is expanding as you meet good souls that come to mean something to you in the future. Love is not completely complicated, the situation is. Perseverance gets you everywhere and guarantees a favourable outcome.

Lucky Colour Turquoise
Lucky Crystal Jade

♓ Pisces

September brings you a gift, the gift of having peace of mind. As you wind down from your summertime adventures you can reset the clock and, have time this month to set the pace of your life in motion that more compliments and suits you and your lifestyle. A little imagination goes a long way and if you don’t forget to include a little romantic time, you will have an exciting productive month ahead. Let your friends into your world a little and share your hopes and dreams – you are a fascinating person to know and others can truly benefit from that.

Lucky Colour White
Lucky Crystal Snow Quartz

Words by Joanne Hope, Graphics by Emily Chapillon


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