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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Round 2: Juicy Couture’s Latest Collection Is Here And It Is Icy

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Round 2: Juicy Couture’s Latest Collection Is Here And It Is Icy

Photography by Aidan Zamiri

Juicy Couture is back and it’s back in true Y2K style with an unexpected nod to the ever iconic
80s. With their 2021 Spring/Summer revival campaign a huge success, Autumn/Winter is here to
take a trip down memory lane right back through to the brands heyday, unveiling classic velour
sets and diamanté encrusted underwear, Juicy is here to add just a touch of ice. The collection
launches today, right in time for the cooler months ahead.

So what’s new this season and what will you find from the collection? Taking athletic influence
from the rink, head designer, Amy Gibson reveals how the vintage 80s undertones of figureskating outfits from the past were a huge inspiration for the collection. In the hope of creating cool
and contemporary pieces for the AW21 season, the infamous tracksuit set, popularised by the
likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, can be found in an updated style and sported in cooltoned shades like baby blue, turquoise and purple, alongside sweats plastered with the royal
Juicy logo. A nostalgic look back to the era that gave Juicy its name, monogrammatic prints have
made an appearance, while a tribute to the now provides graphic print tees and all over tie-dye,
proving Juicy Couture is just as juicy now, as it was back then.

Taking just the right amount from the early 2000s (the style and vibe were supreme …) but sticking
with the diversity they were praised for in their last drop (… the inclusivity was not), the AW21
collection goes from size XXS all the way through to XL and the campaign rightfully celebrates
women of each and every size, shape and race – how 2021 of them!

If you’re ready to channel your inner Tonya Harding (we certainly are!) then what are you waiting
for? Shop the collection here.

Words by Ella Citron-Thompkins


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