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Our Top Princess Diana Fashion Moments

Princess Diana, Courtesy of Getty Images

The royals have always been the ones to look at when it comes to elegant fashion. Princess Diana being no different. As her time as a royal, she became a style icon with a unique style of rebellious elegance. From black cocktail dresses to open backs and even biker shorts Diana's sense of style was ahead of its time. In view of the latest Diana biopic, ‘Spencer’ coming soon, here are our top Princess Diana’s epic fashion moments.

The Revenge Dress

Princess Diana by Christina Stambolian. Courtesy of Getty Images

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, in this case, it was best served in black. The black cocktail dress by Christina Stambolian worn during a Gala at the serpentine gallery in 1994 has popularly come to be known as the revenge dress. This dress became one of the most epic fashion for moments as this dress was worn on the same day Charles confessed to infidelity.

Gold Metallic gown by Bruce Oldfield

Princess Diana by Bruce Oldfield. Courtesy of Getty Images

The gold Lame gown worn by Diana during the London premiere of ‘A View to a Kill ’ in 1985 was nothing short of 80s glam. Designed by Bruce Oldfield the gowns iridescent material, and open back emboldened the look but the smooth fit, refined cut and the overall silhouette of the dress gave it a regal feel

The Pale Blue Chiffon Strapless Gown by Catherine Walker

Princess Diana by Catherine Walker. Courtesy of Getty Images

The pale blue chiffon dress worn during the Cannes film festivals was one of Diana’s most demure looks. From the fabric, the draping to the fit, designed by Catherine Walker this dress was a timeless piece proving so as it later sold in 2013 when it sold for over 80000£

The Midnight Blue Velvet by Victor Edelstein

Princess Diana by Katherine Cusack. Courtesy of Getty Images

The Midnight blue velvet dress that came to be known as the ‘Travolta Dress’ after Diana danced with John Travolta at a gala dinner during her visit to the Whitehouse in 1985. Diana later sold the dress at a charity auction.

The Crystal One-Shoulder Dress by Hachi

Princess Diana by Hachi. Courtesy of Getty Images

First worn in 1983 to the premiere of Octopussy and later in 1985 during the Prince and the Princess of wales first official visit to America. This one-shoulder dress by Hachi caused a stir on its American visit as Diana was expected to wear an American designed dress. The dress was on the shoulder with intricate crystals all over the dress and in true Diana fashion a subtle rebellious elegance.

‘The Elvis dress’ Catherine

Princess Diana by Catherine Walker. Courtesy of Getty Images

This heavy pearl-embellished white ivory dress came to be known as the ‘Elvis dress’ by Diana herself from the high collared bolero jacket. It was worn by Diana in 1989 during her visit to Hong Kong and also to the British Fashion Awards. Designed by Catherine Walker this ivory ensemble today is displayed at the Victoria and Albert museum

White and Blue Suit Hat Combo

Princess Diana by Philip Somervill. Courtesy of Getty Images

The White and Blue Suit hat combo by Catherine Walker and turban hat by Philip Somervill was worn during Diana’s visit to Dubai in 1989. This ensemble was an elegant choice for the Princess with commendations for respecting the hair covering the culture of women in Dubai while still remaining regal.

Wedding Gown by Elizabeth Emanuel

Princess Diana by Elizabeth Emanuel. Courtesy of Getty Images

The Silk Taffeta wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Emanuel in 1981was a beautiful and dramatic dress, iconic for its train and puffed sleeves this dress was one of the most epic fashion moments for Diana.

Bicker Shorts with Oversized Sweatshirts and Blazer on Top

Princess Diana. Courtesy of Getty Images

Known for her royal fashion Diana also had impressive street style. Seen during her trips to and from the gym Diana’s ensemble of biker shorts and a sweatshirt is one that we still see today. Another casual trend Diana set was the dressing up of casual outfits using blazers which is also seen today.

From these iconic looks which we hope to see recreated in her biopic to say her fashion style was ahead of its time would be an understatement.

Words by Precious Njogu

Graphics by Latisha Fleckenstein

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