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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Our Favourite Celebrity Stylists You Should Be Following ASAP

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Our Favourite Celebrity Stylists You Should Be Following ASAP

Photo Credit: @lorenzoposocco

Part of the reason why stylists are so high profile in the industry is that they are responsible for dressing our favourite celebrities and the way they’re presented to the world. From the most beautiful couture gowns for red carpet events to the meticulous styling of hair, magazine covers, and photoshoots, this job is quite an art form itself.

Stylists not only dress models and celebs, they have the role of making each and every one of their clients their absolute best, according to their personal style and fashion direction, always making reasonable statements and with the intent of being memorable, and remembered through history. Sounds like a lot of pressure?

They influence how people look at fashion, beauty, hair, and the latest trends. People look to them to see what their favorite celebrities are wearing. Stylists provide insight into the industry on designer clothing, behind the scenes of styling a celebrity or client, along with what trends people are wearing.

Stylists give a new perspective on how people perceive fashion, beauty, and hair as a whole, and they quickly build a cult following after working with famous artist/ simply because people recognise the masterminds behind their idols.

We’ll be featuring our favourite stylists who have received the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Zendaya, and who have also directed the styling for magazine covers such as Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE. And what better fashion affair is there than to be working with the best designers in the world, like Gucci, Dior, Valentino… but also having the creative input to create custom pieces for the most exclusive clientele?  

Not to mention how stylists have access to the best designers’ archives, as well as contacts with the best experts in their fields. It is thanks to Instagram that many of these inspiring creatives have received the spotlight they deserve: by giving their fans a glimpse into their career and sharing valuable information regarding how to always look the best, it’s easy to recognise why they are so admired. One thing is clear: if you like a celebrity, you’re guaranteed to love their stylists, as the way a celebrity is portrayed is probably the result of their stylist’s imagination.

As we dig deeper into this mesmerising career, here are a few celebrity stylists you should be following on Instagram ASAP:

Lorenzo Posocco

Everyone seems to have noticed Dua Lipa’s glow up evolution, and part of the reason behind her transformation has to be credited to her stylist. He always pushes her boundaries in terms of creativity within her looks, whilst remaining authentic to her style. He styled her in every recent event and performance, and if they’re able to keep up this pace, this dynamic duo is for sure going to reach stardom. 

Veneda Carter

Veneda Carter is Kim Karadashian’s stylist. She is the input behind her most memorable looks, and that in itself is more than iconic.

Bryon Javar

His clients include Saweetie, Jennifer Lopez and many other A-listers. Yung Miami showed off a beautiful red velvet dress from Lena Berisha. He is also no stranger to directing the artists’ looks on their music videos and live performances.

Law Roach

Boasting more than 700k followers on Instagram, Law Roach is arguably Hollywood’s buzziest stylist right now. His clients are all very high-profile celebrities like Zendaya, Anya Taylor Joy, and Tiffany Haddish, and has recently worked with W Magazine, ELLE, and Marie Claire, but also at events such as the Met Gala, Critics Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, and several campaigns for Givenchy and Valentino.

Evanie Frausto

Evanie Frausto has worked as a hairstylist for Alexia Demie, Bella Hadid and Lil Nas X. His most recent works include JT and Lil Uzi Vert for Homme Plus Magazine, Precious Lee for Harper’s Bazaar, and Lil Nas X for his Montero music video. 


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