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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team October Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

October Horoscopes with Joanne Hope

We’re starting off the spooky season with our horoscope readings from our favourite Psychic, Joanne Hope. Although the weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker, the stars are telling us it is our time to shine! Get yourself up and about and turn those goals into achievements – Joanne tells us how. For booking, click here.


October is a crucial month when your actions have a far-reaching effect, as you are up and doing, making things happen. Your career will come to the attention of those that are in power, impressed by your unending positive outlook, ensuring beneficial favourable results for the confident, aspiring Aries. Love can take you by surprise when you least expect it and if you were thinking of a deeper relationship, then it’s the right time for making plans with your special someone to make that happen.

Lucky Colour   Violet

Lucky Crystal  Carnelian


Beauty features in your life now as you seek out meaningful experiences that reflect what is good and wholesome in your life. When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade Taurus, this month will see you being productive and at the top of your game. Being smart and planning your next move benefits you as you are beginning a whole new chapter in your life that can bring much happiness and fulfilment in your love life and the home. Being career-minded brings you success in areas you may not have considered so make sure you don’t miss a trick.

Lucky Colour Pink

Lucky Crystal  Coral


The superpower twin energy of Gemini can boost your morale and give you the opportunities to take your career to the next level. This month you are well placed to grab that promotion or new job, and you will see that you had the answers all along, your cosmic ordering pays off and will shortly deliver! Don’t get sidetracked by short term plans, see the bigger picture and keep going as traditionally the path of true love has never run smooth, but you can make the most of a great relationship, whether established or in the making – when you listen to your heart, the power of love is remarkable. 

Lucky Colour   Translucent Green

Lucky Crystal  Aquamarine


October will bring you all kinds of little surprises that make life worthwhile, your star sign element is water and the intuitive understanding it gives you brings its own rewards. In your love life, you can be all that you want to be, living life to the fullest is just around the corner. After a spell of hard work you will glide into a future full of promises and success, your well-laid plans are fully effective and act as a catalyst to your bright future, just trust your gut feelings as they will guide you to the next level in your career and emotional love life.

Lucky Colour   Blue

Lucky Crystal  Carnelian


Affairs of the heart are calling you to pay attention to the little things, you are allowed to dream about the perfect life, in fact October is the right time to take action to create it. Leo is warm and inviting and will always create a happy home with lots of good cheer. You are a powerful force for change at work as you work your magic, a higher wisdom is revealed  and produces the real results you needed. Keep your hopes high and believe in yourself. Love follows you around asking you to make time for romantic endeavours, an admirer may tempt you to love again. Security in love is extra special to you so don’t settle for anything less and if you already have it make time to enjoy it. 

Lucky Colour Yellow

Lucky Crystal Citrine


Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year and as one season changes into another, so does a Virgo, this month brings a subtle transformation that helps you to be more emotionally connected to your life and discover what truly makes you happy in the process. Being thankful and humble are qualities that endear your loved ones to you, but being successful matters to you, so make the most of this month and implement the changes you seek from little adjustments to a complete overhaul if it’s needed, it’s a good time to be productive. Love makes you happy so enjoy the good times and make some happy memories. 

Lucky Colour    Cream

Lucky Crystal  Lazuli NL


Leave all the fears behind you because this month will see you back in your comfort zone, think and plan for the future and truly get in touch with what matters to you the most. You are more than capable and will expand your horizons naturally as you continue on your journey of self-discovery. A newfound awareness and ability to create your reality with your positive thoughts and attitude is definitely a winning combination. There is a soulmate out there so keep your hopes up in love, in an established relationship the influence of Libra will bring you a more structured, balanced love life. 

Lucky Colour   Orange

Lucky Crystal   White Topaz


Being the most psychic sign, Scorpio, your intuitive mind can see what’s ahead before you even get there, use this marvellous gift to plan the way ahead in your career and you will make a lot of headway. Being the leader in your life comes with a lot of responsibility, but you have got this, you are a high vibration, so the love of all kinds will surround you and support you in your life. As you channel higher levels of love you will see you are in a better position to love unconditionally and know that you also are loved in return. 

Lucky Colour  Purple

Lucky Crystal  Rhodocrosite


This month’s favourable trend is providing you with an opportunity to bring out the best in yourself, leaving your comfort zone and going into unknown territory. Confidence can soar as you realise you are making your dreams come true and all your potential is being utilised. Being responsible for others welfare, you exceed even your expectations and help others come out on top. Good luck finds you and takes you by surprise as you experience your most ambitious plans coming to fruition. Love favours the brave so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and for what makes you happy and secure. 

Lucky Colour   Red

Lucky Crystal   Turquoise


Concentration is key Capricorn as you are the most down to earth sign, October sees you getting ahead with your plans now, you have settled into a routine and rest assured that you are on the right path. You are completely protected by your keen sense of what’s right and wrong and others will always trust your judgement and come to you for advice. Capable and hardworking you can reap the rewards of your past efforts and allow yourself a well-earned rest. Make time for love if you can, a traditional approach is always best for you as a little old fashioned wining and dining wouldn’t go amiss. 

Lucky Colour    Black

Lucky Crystal   Black Onyx


October brings you clarity, as this month gets underway you will see a vast improvement as you reach a point in your life that demands you to come out into the world and spread your good influence everywhere, whether it is online or in-person you are needed and well-received. You are original and have a great way of looking at life, a natural comedian, people like your way of looking at things. Love can be steady and reliable as you have a deep emotional bond that will last the test of time. If you are looking for love, it is closer than you think. 

Lucky Colour  White

Lucky Crystal  Clear Quartz


Emotional tides sweep through everything you hold dear. You are reaching a point in your life when you can sit down and take a breath and look at all the good things you have done and know it’s just the start of a whole new chapter in your life now. A lot may have changed, but you are experiencing it for the better already, as your life gets on track you find that you are on the road to success. Love will follow you wherever you go as you have a compassionate heart, and as the stars align this October you are in for some nice surprises and affectionate times. 

Lucky Colour   Teal

Lucky Crystal  Jasper

For Bookings with Joanne Hope, click here.

Words by Joanne Hope, Graphics by Alexandra Yassin



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