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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team November’s Horoscopes With Joanne Hopes

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

November’s Horoscopes With Joanne Hopes

Brought to you by Joanne Hopes, here we have November’s horoscopes and lucky colours, as well as crystals; read this article to make sure the stars align for you.

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Image Credits: @Sofasnails

Gather up your energy and use it this month to branch out and believe in what you are doing, a confident Aries is unstoppable. November brings unexpected benefits that can surprise you and even the most sceptical of you will have to admit, there is that little hand of fate that can step in and turn everything around to your advantage just when you need it, feeling like blessings from heaven. Have faith and know you can do anything you put your mind to, you’ve got this! In love, try to focus on why you need that special person and the part they will play in your life, then you will clearly see the right path to take and what can truly make you happy. It’s time to make the right choices for a higher love and a meaningful relationship. Wear orange for luck and energetic pursuits and a carnelian crystal will enhance your love life.

Lucky Colour – Orange

Lucky Crystal – Carnelian 


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

Spiritual souls are always helping to make the world a better place. This month Taurus the difference you make to others with your own original brand of kindness will not go unnoticed. Make plans that bring more creativity into your career, sometimes solving problems can come through an inspirational source; it doesn’t always have to be logical. Your work will go well and you can improve your chances by keeping up that good sound judgment everyone has come to rely on. In love there is no doubt you are aware of what you want now, with a little time and patience you can turn any situation around to your advantage and can feel secure in the knowledge that you are actually very loved. Wear blue for spiritual love and a lapis lazuli for enhancing your intuition. 

Lucky Colour – Blue

Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli


Image Credits: @Beauteousnailsalon

Moving home may well be on your mind Gemini, a little bit of luck can turn things around for you and put you right where you want to be, security is important and will be a top priority this month. Work goes well, so keep going and you will reach your targets. Updating your daily routine can benefit your inner life, making more time for yourself brings about a change for the better and improves the quality of your experiences, a little magic appears in all that you do. You can thank your lucky stars that fortune favours the brave, giving your heart to another is no easy feat, but with courage you can take that step and say how you feel, expressing yourself and going into it with your eyes wide open will bring about a profound change in your love life. Being totally in love is just what the doctor ordered, so you should not shy away from the coincidental circumstances that are trying to help you capture your heart’s desire. Wear yellow for luck and a agate crystal will keep you grounded.

Lucky Colour – Yellow

Lucky Crystal – Agate


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

Pick up the pace and don’t worry your success is written in the stars. November will be memorable for lucky cancerians, money-making magic is in the air! If you live like the goddess you are, the rest will follow, as your status improves there is a special type of personal success, this is designed to help you get to the top of your chosen career. Security is always important to you so don’t worry, you are on the case and will find some solace in your domestic life. Spending time with family and friends is a must to unwind sometimes, making you feel emotionally secure is part and parcel of their unconditional love for you. If your mind has been in a spin about a love match then don’t worry, you will see that happiness is just around the corner and love is on your side, as they say you can’t hurry love, but there will be plenty of time to enjoy it, so look to the future and try to dream a little dream called love.

Lucky Colour – Gold

Lucky Crystal – Coppernite


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

That beautiful smile can bring sunshine into anyone’s life, as the winter nights kick in the lovable Leo will make a difference warming everyone’s heart. Career matters are important now, you have the stamina to take it to the top; nothing can stop you. You have learned so much from the past and just by applying that knowledge is enough to get you there. What makes you special is the wisdom you have gained, share it! Being as beautiful as you are, inside and out, you will be able to improve your life by putting your needs first. Being in a good position allows you to help others more and brings an all around healing effect on your life. A relationship will surprise you in so many ways, give love a chance it can nurture you too. Always a giver in love; it’s time to receive! If you concentrate on order and regularity, the stability that brings to your financial affairs will improve your chances to branch out and expand your working world or business. Wear black for luck and a tourmaline crystal will encourage love into your life.

Lucky Colour – Black

Lucky Crystal – Tourmaline 


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

Virgo you are staying positive and November will bring its rewards. There have been some ups and downs but being aware of all the changes you face can assist in making life a lot easier. You step up bravely to the current challenges and can find solutions that improve the situation not just for yourself, but for everyone. Your popularity grows and you deserve the praise, modesty is not necessary as you are humble enough, but celebrating your good self is always a beautiful thing. In love you can share your heart, a die hard romantic is not such a bad thing these days. The more romantic you are the better you will feel and romance will make your wishes come true, get creative with it. Wear silver for luck, and a blue sapphire crystal will enhance your creative radiance.

Lucky Colour – Silver

Lucky Crystal – Blue Sapphire


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

Everyone loves your nature Libra, you are a genuine caring gentle soul and can soothe even the most difficult of situations. You have done very well helping others to get through the difficult times this year. November marks a turning point and you will do even more by stepping into your power, this will bring about a profound change in your life and can introduce you to an exciting new job. There is no need to doubt yourself, a good reputation is developed through honesty and hard work and you have been doing that and more. Love will be based on your own truth and what you want out of a relationship now so don’t be afraid to speak your heart and mind and let that special someone know what you need emotionally but also that you really care about them too. Wear orange for luck and a carnelian crystal for fiery passion.

Lucky Colour – Orange

Lucky Crystal – Carnelian 


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

November lets you know you are blessed by the angels, being a light for others and showing them a brighter day comes naturally for you Scorpio. Good karma comes back to you and lets you know you are getting it right. Happy Birthday, this month will be a turning point and you can re-evaluate your life in a practical manner and set out on a new chapter, promising fulfilment and success in your life. Your love life will come into focus and you reach a crossroads, you can choose the right path by staying true to yourself and following your heart. Your favourite people will celebrate with you and share in your new found happiness. Finances can be steady and so no need to rock the boat now, there is something to be said about keeping everything practical and in a routine when it comes to your financial security. Wear gold for luck and a yellow topaz crystal will bring happiness.

Lucky Colour – Gold

Lucky Crystal – Yellow Topaz


Image Credits: @Sofasnails

November is a time for reflection, looking at this past year’s accomplishments will inspire you to look to the future with hope in your heart. You are ambitious and creative, two important elements that help you succeed. The travel bug will inspire the hot footed Sagittarius to find beautiful places to explore. Planning is everything and will stand you in good stead on your journey and any emotional rut you may feel you are stuck in will melt away. Your guiding light and saving grace is your ability to adapt to circumstances on a day to day basis also you have an unstoppable faith that everything is going to turn out alright, and you are right, it will. For your love to grow, snuggling up to that special someone and letting them know your plans for the future will bring you much closer together. You can bring a lot to the table now so don’t hold back but hold on to those dreams!. Wear red for luck and a jasper crystal for motivation.

Lucky Colour – Red

Lucky Crystal – Jasper


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

As the days grow shorter and the nights are getting longer, the hibernating nature of the Capricorn will want to be warm and cosy wherever they are. A newfound sense of mental and emotional strength brings a new perspective to your world and as your heart continues to promote peace and love, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are on the right track and should continue on in your chosen life path. Your career will go well and you should be able to keep progressing, don’t doubt your ability; you are smarter than you think. Love will take you by surprise and show you that your affectionate nature has not gone unnoticed. Love always attracts love, so if in doubt go with the love. Wear pink for luck in love and a rose quartz crystal will enhance your love life.

Lucky Colour – Pink

Lucky Crystal – Rose Quartz


Image Credits: @Naominailsnyc

November proves to be the month that you meet your challenges head on and can overcome any obstacles in your way. There is nothing you can’t put your mind to. Finding solutions is your specialty and if you want to be, you can be top dog, as you have the leadership skills to be triumphant. Others are relying on you to be responsible and as you always are, you can rest assured when the chips are down, you will be there, and that’s why they rely on you. So remember to relax when you can and most of all, have some fun. Love will be all around you Aquarius, wherever you turn, your good deeds from the past are coming back to show you how valuable you are and just how special your beautiful thoughts and actions are. You have made such a difference to others. There is a life partner alert, so take yourself seriously and manifest your love life the way you’ve dreamt it to be. Emotionally you have a heart with so much love to give and in return you can experience the love of someone who loves you truly. Wear white for luck in love and a moonstone crystal will heighten romantic moments.

Lucky Colour – White

Lucky Crystal – Moonstone


Image Credits: @Kirakira_nails

Becoming a social butterfly suits you Pisces. This is a great time for your extrovert self to emerge and show others what you can do. Change may well be on your mind and any planning for a trip will bring new horizons and kick start unexpected surprises for your future. Being inspired is the name of the game now, you have a dreamy mind and heart, with a good understanding of the world and how it works, you can’t go wrong. Any projects you are working on will succeed and you can plan your next moves confidently, when you believe in yourself it makes a very big difference. Give as good as you get, be kind and as sure as the sun will shine you will achieve your goals. Love will be on your mind a lot, using your intuition to navigate the narrative brings about a happy, secure future and is highly recommended! When you let the voice of your intuition be heard and you act on it, this results in your heart being able to sing its way into a happy ever after. Wear green for luck and an emerald crystal for heavenly love.

Lucky Colour – Green

Lucky Crystal – Emerald

Written By Joanne Hopes

Header Image: @Naominailsnyc


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