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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Mulberry X Ahluwalia: A Celebration Of British Talent And 5 Decades Of The Brand

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Mulberry X Ahluwalia: A Celebration Of British Talent And 5 Decades Of The Brand

Mulberry has decided to partner with young British talent for the celebration of its 50th anniversary.

“Mulberry Editions” is a series of collaborations with young and upcoming talent from the British Fashion scene, that will not only celebrate the brand’s five decades in business but the importance of committing to environmental and social causes through clothing.

Some of the designers participating in this exclusive project are Priya Ahluwalia, Richard Malone and Nicholas Dale… all of which have become known for their innovative designs and dedication to a responsible and multicultural fashion cycle.

The latest collaboration announced, and probably our favourite one too, is the one with Priya Ahluwalia. The two labels will be collaborating for a capsule collection of accessories centred on tradition and incorporation of cultural diversity.

London-based designer Priya Ahluwalia, who has recently collaborated with Danish label Ganni for another environmentally aware collection, will be venturing for the first time into the creation of accessories – from scarves to handbags. However, from what we can see, these won’t be just any other accessories. The designer has managed to showcase and pay homage to her Indian-Nigerian heritage through all of her creations and will continue to do so through this collaboration.

“I haven’t yet had a chance to make accessories and I think with Mulberry x Ahluwalia, we’ve brought together our mutual values to create beautiful pieces that people can buy and cherish forever”

– Priya Ahluwalia, Harper’s Bazaar

The Mulberry x Ahwlualia line-up consists of the iconic Mulberry designs, such as the portobello tote, reimagined together with elements and themes inspired by the Black culture – specifically black hair. The designs will be inspired by the beauty of black hair and hairstyles, by traditional techniques of braiding, by the diversity of hair texture, and most importantly by the understanding of hair as a means of expression.

We are certain that it will be an interesting collection, one that could not only form part of our day-to-day wear but that can demonstrate how cultural elements can be showcased and admired through fashion without the risk of cultural appropriation. Paying homage to a culture (or more) through carefully manufactured and designed products.

The collection is meant to celebrate the “artistry, rituals and symbolism of Afro-Caribbean hair and Priya’s own personal narrative,” explained the luxury lifestyle brand, Mulberry, in its press release. This will take form thanks to the capsule’s unique designs, bold colours, daring patterns and rich meaning.

But it doesn’t end there, the collaboration has been presented as part of Ahluwalia’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection during London Fashion Week, where the designer also presented ‘Parts of Me’ – a short film directed by Akinola Davies Jr that pays homage to the importance of hair in Black culture.

With the aim to properly present hair as more than a stylistic element, and to continue the conversation about the significance of black culture in the creation of this project Mulberry and Ahluwalia have collaborated on a second film – ‘Tools of Expression’ as an extension to the project.

The Mulberry x Ahluwalia collection is available now on Mulberry.com and in stores globally. Check it out!

Words By Chiara Ferrari


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