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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Mostro Or Nostromo? PUMA’s Iconic Sneaker Returns At New York Fashion Week In Cosmic Style

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Mostro Or Nostromo? PUMA’s Iconic Sneaker Returns At New York Fashion Week In Cosmic Style

With the futuristic setting, beams of red-blue light, metallic nylon sets, and the re-created, spiky Mostro sneakers, New York Fashion Week 2024 couldn’t wish for a more electrifying opening. The stylists Heiko Desens and Alastair McKimm invited us to an uncanny, bizarre world, strongly reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Alien vibes – after all, “Mostro” (Italian for “monster”) is suspiciously close to “Nostromo,” isn’t it? 

The newest PUMA AW24 collection revolved around the resurrected iconic Mostro – the refashioned 1999 sneaker acting as an inspiration for the whole set of outfits. Mostro found itself recreated in multiple forms, from more traditional, white-yellow-blue ones, with strap closures, to the more avant-garde – spiky, metallic, made of purple mesh, or ankle-length and khaki-coloured to match a military outfit. Regardless of whether we’re talking of the neon-yellow-spiked sneakers or the silver nylon Mostro boots, the shoes were by no means a mere accessory. They were the axis around which the show revolved. 


Inspired by the futuristic, alien-like form of the spiky sneakers, Desens and McKimm’s collection was based on mostly metallic colours, nylon, vegan leather, and all fabrics shiny. What dominated was the varied, oversized tracksuit sets – some glittering with diamonds, some spaceship-like-silver and metallic, some made of vegan leather, and some sewn out of irresistibly soft, black velvet.


We also marvelled at leather and red velvet bodysuits, balaclavas, cargo trousers, and windbreaker-inspired, full-length dresses. The wow effect soared thanks to the accessories, including unconventionally shaped, futuristic sunglasses, matching gloves, and cosmic sports bags. The last outfit was the cherry on the Mostro delicious cake, with its white nylon catsuit and diamond-encrusted motorbike helmet. 


It wasn’t just the magic outfits that created the mysterious, other-worldly atmosphere – just look at the stunning makeup done by Isamaya Ffrench! Though basic at first glance, at a closer look you spot the elf-like, pointed fake ears and the glistering black horns attached to models’ foreheads. Could we be more obsessed with those looks? 


The show space added to the dynamic, hypnotising aura, and you just couldn’t help immersing yourself in it right after crossing the entrance, with “Welcome To The Amazing Mostro Show” reading above it. The space, reverberating with Eartheater’s electrifying music, was filled with life-size amusement park props – roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and flying swings (with flying Mostro-wearing fake legs!). The spacious interior and high ceilings of Park Avenue Armory, with metal constructions and props in half-light, created a unique atmosphere for an equally mesmerising and innovative collection. 


The celebs who visited the show seemed to be as impressed by the show as we were, taking countless selfies with the enormous, lighted flying swings in the background. Among notable guests were Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, Davido, Kyle Kuzma, Becky G, and Hari Nef.


However, the key celebrity in PUMA’s Mostro collection is, no doubt, ASAP Rocky, who starred in the uncanny, Alien-like advertising short film, published a few days before the show. With its Ridley Scott inspirations, it already set the cosmic tone for the whole event and whetted our appetites. But we probably hadn’t imagined in our wildest dreams what a breathtaking show PUMA was to offer us. 

Words By Julia Sułkowska 

Header Image Credit: @Puma Instagram


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