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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Meet Ciara Madden: The Fitness Entrepreneur who’s Booty Workouts Will Get you Out Your Lockdown Slump

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Meet Ciara Madden: The Fitness Entrepreneur who’s Booty Workouts Will Get you Out Your Lockdown Slump

With so much playing on our minds in this 3rd lockdown, finding the time or space to workout is not so much the case anymore, but it’s finding the motivation. It may feel like each day is just as tiresome as the next, so to make a workout routine in a day where all you have to do is sofa to bed hop, seems hopeless. But with a very different dynamic to fitness, where we have had to embrace the transition from indoor gyms to outdoor exercise, it’s important to find the energy somewhere.  

Photo Credit: Body by Ciara
Photo Credit: Body by Ciara

To help us get out of our lockdown slump, we were eager to speak to Ciara Madden on how we can maintain those result educing workouts to help build up your booty! Even when having to disguise your living room as a gym.

Ciara Madden, a.k.a @ciaralondon, is the essence of a fitness powerhouse. Not only is she a PT in helping women achieve incredible results (Rita Ora and Maya Jama being two of her A List clients), Ciara is also an entrepreneur. As the founder of Body by Ciara (@bodybyciara), she is on her way to building a fitness empire.

Known for her panache in making us SWEAT through her killer workouts and booty blasting sessions, it’s her spirit, will-power and vigour that keeps us going. Her female empowered and (recently) online driven PT sessions, have transformed bodies, and ultimately minds, in promoting a healthy approach to working-out and nutrition.

Photo Credit: Body by Ciara

When the pandemic hit the UK in 2020, the dynamic of Body by Ciara took a spin as she was forced to transition her business online. “The pandemic essentially birthed the online leg of my business”, says Ciara. “I created an online training squad where I do workouts from home, twice a day, alongside 16 other trainers, for a subscription fee.” Ciara grabbed hold of an opportunity to create @bodybyciarasquad, a private IG account that has created a fitness community for only £15 a month. With motivational live workouts and ejecting an energy that is nothing but contagious, @bodybyciarasquad came at a time where people needed a sense of connection. “The success of that has meant I’ve been able to launch products and am in the process of opening my own gym.”

A Day in Ciara Life

I think if this Pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the importance of health. I always make sure that my day starts with a good breakfast (usually oats and fruit) plus a green juice and nice cup of tea.” Besides from training twice a day, getting in those steps with daily walks is just as important to keep her spirits high. “The more active I am, the more energised I feel and the more productive my day tends to be.” Which, according to her daily routine, is very clear to see how Ciara uses each day to its maximum potential- even in a global pandemic! 

7am        | Wake Up 

7.45am  | Workout 

9am        | Breakfast 

10am      | Go for A Walk 

12pm      | Second Workout 

1pm        | Lunch 

2pm        | Go to my gym to check on the builders 

4pm        | Meetings and Zoom Calls 

Booty Workouts. Where to Start?  

Ciara advises that when working to build up that booty, there is no set rule. But in general, it comes down to strength training. “You need to do a certain amount of strength training in order to apply progressive overload,” says Ciara. In fitness terminology that’s to put pressure onto your muscles to encourage their growth. “Resistance training is also great for isolating the glutes and attacking all areas: the Medius, Maximus and Minimus.” Ciara suggests that by smashing the cardio sweat sessions, and as a result shredding fat, a tighter waist will also create the illusion of a bigger booty. A major booty building hack.

What Exercises to Do?  

Growing your glutes isn’t always about the aesthetic. Yes, we all dream of a perfectly peachy bum, but having strong glutes is so much more than that. It will give you hip stability, protect your spine and is crucial for any movement; whether that be walking or running.  

To successfully build your bum you have to figure out what works for you; there isn’t a one-size-fits all routine. Squatting alone won’t do the cut. It’s important to vary your bum workouts for maximum potential and to ensure you’re eating the right things to see the results. “I don’t have one specific exercise”, says Ciara. “I tend to start with a light warm-up, usually including squat jumps and crab walks to wake the glutes up, and then pop on a resistance band and do exercises like standing kickbacks or laying thrusts to activate the glutes.” Once the glutes are energised, Ciara introduces heavy weights into her routine. “To achieve a progressive overload, I use weights for squats, deadlifts, seated abductors etc.”  

Standing Kickback: Stand upright with your hands on your hips and activate your ab muscles. Gently bend your left knee and using your glute muscles, lift your right leg behind you then lower. Repeat this movement on both legs. 

Laying Thrusts: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Squeeze your glutes and drive through your heels to lift your bum up to the ceiling. Hold and then lower.

Seated Abductors: Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. Place a resistance band around both legs at the knees and in one motion push them away from each other and then slowly back. You can buy Ciara’s bands at ciaralondon.myshopify.com. “They’re one of the few things that give me a bum cramp in about 3 mins.” 

So really, it’s down to quality, not quantity. Ciara opts for shorter booty bursts to really get them working. “I’m a big fan of four-minute rounds. Four minutes of each exercise back to back. By the end of the four minutes I’m usually shaking but its short enough for me to be able to power through.” 

The Importance of Nutrition   

As a vegan, Ciara has been very open about fulling your body correctly for it to reach its maximum potential. “In general, I tell everyone to have a balanced diet – eat protein, eat fats and eat carbs. Stay away from saturated fats and high sugar foods, unless you’re consciously enjoying them as a treat.” 

Whether you’re vegan, veggie or a meat eater, Ciara has crafted 6-week nutrition plans for weight loss, weight gain and sculpting. But when it comes to working on your bum and losing weight, is a calorie deficit necessary in this case? “If you want to lose weight- yes a calorie deficit is necessary. But in the same way if you want to gain wait a calorie surplus is needed. Personally, I don’t live my life that way, and I’m not going to tell anyone to be in a calorie deficit, but it is science.” Ultimately, as Ciara says, moderation is the key to everything.

“Moderation is the key to everything”

Photo Credit: Body by Ciara

And while they aren’t everything, we are so curious to ask Ciara the most argued question in growing your bum. How do you do the perfect squat? “Neutral spine, sit as low into the squat as your knees will allow and drive up through your heels.” If only it were that easy. 

Words and Interview by Clare Stephenson


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