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8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Maya Jama’s Skin-Quenching Masks That We All Deserve.

8 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Maya Jama’s Skin-Quenching Masks That We All Deserve.

Maya Jama has become a modern beauty icon over the past few years, renowned for her glowing complexion and impeccable style. This distinct look has seen her gain over 2 million Instagram followers, who are hooked from post to post. So, when Maya launched her own beauty brand ‘MIJ Masks’ last summer, we were all excited for the products that would follow because your skin deserves a lovely time.

Photo Credit: @mijmasks

MIJ Eye Patch 003

MIJ Masks’ , ‘Silver Hydrogel Eye Patches’ MIJ003 has already become a solid favorite from the brand. The eye patches are designed to be easy to use wherever you are, making them accessible to everyone. They are small and mighty, yet jam-packed with essential ingredients for a healthy glow.

The patches contain a Vitamin C derivative, to provide an instant complexion boost and brighten any under-eye darkness. This is paired with the dependability of Niacinamide, an ingredient with many helpful properties; anti-inflammatory actions, increasing collagen production and improving pores and texture.

There is also an optimal blend of moisture-boosting ingredients, designed specifically to restore skin’s must-have moisture balance: Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate Cross polymer, and Hydrolysed Sodium Hyaluronate. Having a mixture of molecular weights allows for multi-level penetration and multi-level moisture.

The blend of moisturizing, brightening and soothing ingredients ensure the under-eye area will feel plump and refreshed. With the direction time only being 10-15 minutes, this would be a great addition to morning skincare routines during the winter months, securing a bright and wakeful look despite cold weather or long days.

MIJ Eye Patch 002

The MIJ002 Eye patch hit the racks and people were instantaneously obsessed because self-care is what everybody deserves. This is for the long hours you put in for the week, it targets and de-puffs the delicate under-eye area and the unique hydrogel formula instantly cools and nourishes the skin.

The blend of an exquisite mix of hydrating glycerin, hyaluronic acid, protective Panthenol, and Allantoin that moisturizes and protects so that you can bid goodbye to those lines that have been haunting you.

MIJ Bio-Cellulose Face Mask

Its not over yet. The brand hoards another gem to their collection, the MIJ Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, which is unlike the traditional non-woven masks holding up to 100 times more serum and moisture than its weight resulting in an extra gush of radiance.

The main ingredient, ‘bio-cellulose’ is an extract from the natural enzymatic fermentation of coconut water. A concoction of essential amino acids, the product covers the skin’s tiniest lines and wrinkles. To get you hyped up, even more, the masks are vegan and cruelty-free.

Their ‘all-thriller-no-filler’ formula boasts of hydrating glycerin, hyaluronic acid, reviving grape extract, and arginine. The exciting blend of richness helps in staying hydrated, gleaming skin, rejuvenating and nurturing a younger-looking skin.

What’s more? The mask’s magic can be purchased in a bundle that packs all the revival you will be needing so that when you work hard, you can rejuvenate harder!

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Words by Nadia Clasper

Photo Credit: @mijmasks


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