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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team May Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

May Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

Joanne Hope brings this month’s horoscopes, showing us a strong focus on achieving our goals and love within relationships and family this May. Everything happens for a reason.

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May will be memorable as you take on the world with your enthusiasm and go getter attitude. Being a ball of exciting energy will help a lot as you uplift others with your sense of humour and spread a little happiness along the way. Being a natural extrovert, you will be able to make good use of your time basking in the limelight of your success, bringing your dreams into reality, and letting everybody know your in business and here to stay. Love is a little complicated, but will work out for your highest good as you see in a partnership a chance to grow, and be committed for the long term. Set your sight on that goal and you will achieve it. 

Lucky Colour   Green
Lucky Crystal Peridot


Spring refreshes your mindset and gets you in the mood for, literally, springing into action. Magic is in the air and there is a lot to be excited about. It’s the perfect time to get your career coach out and see the big time is possible, as without doubt you have what it takes to make it. Seeing the bigger picture this month will open the doors to successfully achieve your goals. Your positive mindset can lead you to a place of comfort and prosperity bringing about a change within you that can last. Love is wanting your attention so ‘all work and no play’ is not the way this month; make time for your love life and keep up your efforts, it is worth it.

Lucky Colour  Yellow
Lucky Crystal  Citrine


This month the twin energy of Gemini comes in handy as you double your efforts to succeed in a fast and ever changing world. Birthdays are always to be celebrated, so make the most of this happy month and share your positive light with others. A sociable and productive month lies ahead, unexpected invitations come and make you feel good about where you are in your life now, and how far you have come. Love can come first this month as you will realise how much love and support is around you and offered up to you. All you need to do is ask, or say yes if you are asked; remember love is giving and receiving, love is kindness and gentleness, and you are all of those. 

Lucky Colour   Red
Lucky Crystal  Rhodonite


Lucky would describe the effects of this month, May is a time of progress and will guarantee you celebrate the triumph of success; a winner in all that you do. The light is guiding you and will help you to be prosperous way into the future. Make the most of this auspicious time, wealth is such a mixture of things and having all the right ingredients, gives you a chance to create a wonderful life. Love is important and will contribute to your wellbeing when the time is right. A strange encounter can open the doors to an exciting love life, keep an open mind and heart, as anything is possible now. 

Lucky Colour  White
Lucky Crystal  Clear Quartz


Pride is the bedrock of a Leo nature and this month you will have a lot to be proud of. Being the one who is responsible can be heavy going sometimes, but the rewards are immense. You will be appreciated and are more thought of than you could ever imagine. Those that love you will surprise you in ways that show you how much they care. Your energy is being refreshed, brighter and better days lie ahead and as you are just getting warmed up, Leo, you can take your career to the next level with all the bells and whistles attached. Love attracts you to someone special, their good deeds are impressive and as you want someone to rely on, they are a perfect match for you. 

Lucky Colour   Black
Lucky Crystal  Tourmaline 


The delicate approach of the Virgo will be sought after this month, it’s down to your good influence and help when times of trouble come, that make others rely and look up to you. At the forefront of this progressive month of May, it is time to have some good old fashioned fun, being surrounded with people that uplift and bring out the best in you will give you the boost you need to succeed, and will certainly recharge your batteries ready to take on the world. Love will help you thrive in the home and family sector of your life – it’s a time for creating lasting bonds that fulfil your future dreams and ensure you are feeling secure in your love life. 

Lucky Colour  Yellow 
Lucky Crystal  Quartz


A major shift for Libra is taking place and as you are the ‘happy-go-lucky’ type that can adapt to these inevitable changes, the benefits of a brighter outlook will bring you a lot of advantages and open up a lot of opportunities in your life. Travel will be high on the agenda and you will be able to realise your well thought out plans about conquering the world. Love is working for you this month and can smooth out any complications in your love life and bring you a heartfelt love declaration when you least expect it. Be available for love as May brings you a brighter future, full of happy times shared with those closest to you. 

Lucky Colour   Orange
Lucky Crystal  Amber


Thanks to your quick thinking this month, Scorpio, you can turn around any difficulties and have a really good start to the month. A time of abundance is coming and welcomes you to use your great charms to usher in the new, as doing things in style is your motto and will always be your code of honour. If you grab your happiness with both hands, you can bring about a real turn of events that bring matters of the heart into focus, settling for less is not your forte, only an impressive suitor will win you over. This month is full of surprises for the romantic, there is no building sandcastles in the sky for you, materialise your dreams by keeping it real and speaking from the heart, that is the formula that works for you best.  

Lucky Colour   Purple
Lucky Crystal  Chalcedony


Inspiring others can be a wonderful way of connecting with the world, spreading a little love around one day at a time. May welcomes into your life a new way of looking at things; a more adventurous outlook. You may be dreaming of far off shores and sunset evenings; knowing it can be a reality this year, you can make plans and set out on your journey assured you are following your dreams. In life when you have courage and faith in your heart, life will help you to unfold the full potential of your higher self. Expressing your love openly speaks volumes as you easily get what you want from a partner. By taking things to a deeper level than ever before, you realise it has a very helpful impact on your love life and develops a very romantic partnership. Enjoy!

Lucky Colour  Silver
Lucky Crystal  Meteorite 


Leave the past where it belongs and look to the future Capricorn, springtime is calling you to go all out to manifest your dreams. No more is the Capricorn in hibernation, going all out is a must now. Seeking people and places that help you shine your light and see how great you really are will bring blessings into your life. A twist of fate will help put you with the right situations to release your good karma, and put you on a path of progress and success. Love is not messing around; you will be faced with a love choice that only your heart has the answer to. Let love be your guide – believe and receive – as May will be very memorable. 

Lucky Colour   Pink
Lucky Crystal  Rubellite


You are making a lot of progress and can be proud of yourself and your work this month. You have worked hard Aquarius and have proved to yourself and everyone else just how serious you are about making your way in life. It is true to say until you have tried something yourself you cannot know it truly. Your own wealth of experience can now take you wherever your heart desires. You have within you all the magic of your wisdom waiting to be unleashed on life, through art, music. Influencing and creating the world around you is a must this spring. Love is like an orchestra playing in your world, expressing your hearts feelings is the only way to go – there is no room for doubt. If you love someone, take a chance, tell them!

Lucky Colour  Gold
Lucky Crystal  Crystalline Gold 


The voice of reason is never far away, always questioning your most precious feelings that dominate your heart. Love will be on your mind a lot, May is opening a new chapter in love for you Pisces, work will go well but it’s a favourable month for love and your intuition will tell you the right time to ask for what you need from a potential partner. Fate will also indicate the right path to take, so trust in your lucky stars that will move heaven and earth to make you happy; believe in the power of love, and know you are an advocate of romanticism. If you capture the good times and concentrate on making more lovely memories you can relax this month knowing you are exactly where you need to be and in the right frame of mind to feel really good about your life and work. 

Lucky Colour   Sea Green
Lucky Crystal  Aquamarine

Horoscopes by Joanne Hope

Graphics by Gerasim Kutsarov


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