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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Le Papier – Jacquemus’ Fashion Show In Salt Mountains

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Le Papier – Jacquemus’ Fashion Show In Salt Mountains

Jacquemus is known for its breathtaking locations for its fashion shows. They presented their “Le Splash” collection on a Hawaii beach a few months ago and yesterday, for his recent Fall/Winter 2022 runway presentation “Le Papier”, Simon Porte Jacquemus chose a dramatic and moon-like location near the seaside in Arles, France.

They carved a runway into the salt mountains of the Camargue region, winding down the hills. The show began with two models hugging and dancing, surrounded by white mineral mountains. Then, the models at the top of the white cliffs of salted started walking their way down, their tulle and linen flowing in the wind. The guests, including Victoria Beckham, Vincent Cassel, Amelia Gray and Donte Colley, were seated on long benches hammered out of salt.

“Le Papier” is the meaningful title of Jaquemus’ new collection, stating that “[Jacquemus] started working on the collection with the obsession to restart from nothing, like a white page.”. His inspirations were white paper, hence the collection’s name, and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

The stunning and scenic catwalk showed 61 new looks of clothes and accessories for all genders, as well as pieces from his upcoming collaboration with Nike. Shearling coats and bags, cargo pants and mini tulle dresses come in monochrome tones and neutrals, the simple designs representing the brand’s next evolution.

The collection is available now online.

Words By Maxi Pfeifer

Header Image: Jacquemus


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