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Kali Uchis is Bringing Us Out Of Our Lock Down Blue's With Her New EP 'To Feel Alive'

Collage of Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis unveils the ‘To Feel alive’ EP. The Ep was made during this time of quarantine as a piece of solace for her fans and also a precursor to her album. The Ep features the focus song ‘I want war (but need piece)’ produced by Rogét Chahayed and Sounwave.

Kali Uchis is a Colombian American singer and songwriter. She began in the music industry in 2012 with her mixtape ‘Drunken babble’ then first released her first EP in 2015 ‘Por Vida’ which put her further in the map her music described as “genre-defying”. Her debut studio album, ‘Isolation’, was released in 2018 to and her second is expected to be released this year.

Kali Uchis EP 'To Feel Alive' cover

The EP is the first piece of music the artist has released this year coming after 2019’s ‘Solita’. Featuring four songs (all in English) the EP is a tour of her feelings and emotions when falling in love when it doesn’t work out. The Grammy and Latin Grammy awarded singer is seen to go back to beginning and basics with this EP. Starting with the focus song here is a breakdown of the EP song by song.

I want war (but I need peace)

This song similar to the rest of the EP has a very chill melody to it. It sings about the love we want and the love we need. Kali Uchis has done an excellent job of highlighting the contrast between our wants and needs in this song.

Audio of I want war but I need peace

Honey baby

In this song, the singer sings on how she wants to be loved and what she loves about how she is loved.

Audio of honey baby


Angel sings on the enlightenment of being in love. The singer is comparing being in love to being high.

Audio of Angel

To feel alive

The summary to the EP ‘To feel alive’ the artist sings on the realisation that what you love is not right for you. The song reflects on that love that was so real, and you just want to feel something similar or different.

Audio of To feel alive

Words by Precious Njoki

Graphics by Katie Janes

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