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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team June Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

June Horoscopes With Joanne Hope

See what’s in store for you this summer season with our horoscopes by Joanne Hope.

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June can bring some good energy into your life, working towards a better future is never a waste of time; tomorrow is worth it, you are worth it. “Making hay while the sun shines” gets you ahead of everyone else and allows you to take every opportunity and turn it to your advantage. Just make it happen Aries. In love you can start making plans so a getaway break is not impossible, spending time on romance is beneficial as this month you can express your love and let love, love you. Wearing green for luck and a jade crystal will increase love and nurturing and is a protective stone.

Lucky Colour – Green 

Lucky Crystal – Jade



Aspirations and dreams are the watchwords this month. Any Taurus will know by now their worth, so bring on the next chapter as it will be amazing; you are amazing! Making connections is important, so put your best self on and get out into the world as great opportunities are waiting for you, all you have to do is be there. It’s the right time, right place syndrome working in your favour. In love you will receive some good news and if you were thinking of renewing your vows or taking that step of commitment, it’s a good time. Finding love is never easy when you are single but this time it will find you, so loving yourself is a must. Wear blue for luck and a topaz crystal will bring calmness, clarity and communication.

Lucky Colour – Blue 

Lucky Crystal – Topaz



Gemini Happy Birthday! Your birth month can bless you with everything you need to successfully achieve your goals. Taking the time to celebrate this milestone will ensure you have enough energy to keep going and make your dreams come true, others can celebrate and share in your triumphs with you and this makes your life happier and feels so much better for the future. In love there is always a pattern that emerges and you can recognise the difference between love and attraction much more easily now. Following your heart helps you to choose a future that is filled with love and makes you happy, trust yourself more. Wear yellow for luck and a yellow sapphire brings enlightenment, optimism and warmth.

Lucky Colour – Yellow

Lucky Crystal – Yellow Sapphire



June speaks to the lovable cancer, telling you that you have everything in place to keep on rising like the star that you are, giving you the capacity to fully appreciate the blessings and beauty of life in which you are a major player now. In love the lessons of self love have to be learned before the right person can come into your life and love you, when you have a real understanding of what makes you happy you become the captain of your fate and can choose the right one for you. There is no time to waste and you will be very busy so remember the work, rest and play syndrome. It’s an old saying but they are all equally important to your nourishment and well being. Wear black for luck and a tourmaline crystal will promote happiness and builds self confidence.

Lucky Colour – Black

Lucky Crystal – Tourmaline



The big hearted Leo strikes again. June will unleash your genius and using the power of your imagination you can certainly create a wonderful world around you. It’s a special time for friends and family, making your life more meaningful is what they are all about. Discovering new heights of success this month comes hand in hand with your passion and positive outlook. Let love find you again. There is no time to waste on the past, the time is now and current circumstances will conspire to open up your love life like a book. Wear gold for luck and a fool’s gold crystal will free you from all worries and stress.

Lucky Colour – Gold

Lucky Crystal – Fools Gold



This month has a charming theme and there are many good things in the pipeline Virgo. Listen to your own mind when making decisions about your career as only you can know what truly lies in your heart, there is only a step to take and the rest will be history. If you are looking for a new holiday home or a way to regularly spend some time in the sun, your wish is being granted and the events that take place will encourage you enough to finally make the commitment. It’s a valuable lesson to learn from past mistakes, you will see things become much better in the future, love will come back and even though your eyes are wide open, so is your heart. It’s a special time to be lucky in love so don’t ignore all that love that surrounds you. Wear white for luck and a white crystal promotes healing and spiritual development.

Lucky Colour – White

Lucky Crystal – White quartz



You can do anything you put your mind to this month Libra. June is a time for making progress and overcoming obstacles. There is nothing standing in your way, it’s as though the tide of fortune has turned in your favour and you can relish in your good luck. Getting there is just as important as being there so no short cuts needed!. In love there are all kinds of different ways you could get the best out of a relationship, considering the future fits right in with your long term plans don’t hesitate to predict the next move as you are the light in someone else’s life and they are relying on your common sense and exceptional judgement. If you are single, wear orange for luck and a sunstone crystal will boost your immune system, and increase energy levels. 

Lucky Colour – Orange 

Lucky Crystal – Sunstone



If you have been thinking about broadening your horizons then June is the month you will make a lot of progress in your life and things will work out better than you dreamed. Imagine living life with your soul mate, love will bring you everything you need, there is something in the air and keeping communication open seems to be the key to creating long lasting happiness. In good old Scorpio fashion the intensity you bring to your work will increase your chances for success so the sooner you are able to believe and achieve, the sooner you become more confident and successful in your work. Wear red for luck and a garnet crystal for love and passion, romance and vitality.

Lucky Colour – Red

Lucky Crystal – Garnet



This month shines light onto situations that really get everything moving, if you’ve experienced delays June releases the pressure and can bring you the rewards you seek. Your career is on the up and up and beneficial forces conspire to put you right where you belong, true to your destiny. Getting out and about you can mingle especially if you are single it’s a time to find that special someone. Emotional love is the best kind of love and although true love never runs smooth it is worth every day of it. Letting yourself get in touch with the person you have been thinking about and taking action to actualise your plans that arise from this will improve everything, there is a certain feeling of relief and joy that can come from feeling totally free and happy to do what you feel with no regrets. Wear silver for luck and an argentite crystal will enhance psychic abilities and clarity of intention.

Lucky Colour – Silver

Lucky Crystal – Argantite



Capricorn you are in the right place now so make your move, letting luck and fate lead you in the right direction. Your instincts will prove to be fruitful and bring unexpected opportunities and increase your chances for more abundance and resources. Taking your destiny into your own hands will decide the future and the path you choose will affect your dreams, choose wisely! In love you can be adventurous and book that special time to be together whether you are planning a trip away or a nice day out. It’s important to be together and create some special moments. If you are single, listen to your heartfelt feelings as love can easily grow. Wear yellow for luck and a citrine crystal for prosperity and joy.

Lucky Colour – Yellow

Lucky Crystal – Citrine



Keep smiling Aquarius. Your purpose in this world is drawing near and you can get closer to your goals and dreams this month, smile and the world smiles at you. Nobody ever said it was easy but you are capable and June will bring opportunities to show you just how much!. ‘Letting go and letting god’ is an expression that when applied to your life allows you to let go of your expectations and wait as life takes you on a journey that is full of surprises and will help you to see what you’re really made of. Love will happen naturally so be patient, everybody has a soul mate and it’s just a matter of time before you will meet, trust that the law of attraction is always in action. Wear rainbow colours for luck and a rainbow quartz crystal will promote spiritual and physical healing.

Lucky Colour – Rainbow 

Lucky Crystal – Rainbow quartz



June brings the answers you need Pisces, and can help you map out the next few months ahead. Knowing you have done everything that needs to be done, the satisfaction you gain from your experiences enables you to move forward confidently with projects, although work is always on your mind it can bring you the abundance you seek if you just stick to your forward thinking mindset, keeping you one step ahead of everyone else. Love is another important part of your world, juggling life and love is the key to your happiness, don’t give up on something or someone you believe in. Open your mind to the possibilities that can come from being happy and in love, don’t let fear get the better of you. Wearing the colour pearl for luck, and a moonstone crystal will bring light, hope and new beginnings.

Lucky Colour – Pearl

Lucky Crystal – Moonstone 

Written By Joanne Hope


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